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how to refresh firefox

Reset Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser and encounter things like the unwanted toolbar has appeared and the home page appearance has completely changed without you changing it or the… Read more »

how to rotate screen on laptop

Rotate screen windows 10

There are different methods that can help you to rotate screen Windows 10. You can use settings in graphics card, built-in display or also through a keyboard shortcut. The article… Read more »

Disable Cortana

Cortana is an online assistant that exists in Windows 10 and it was incorporated to make your interaction with the operating system easier and flawless. Cortana basically helps you carry… Read more »

how to defrag windows 10

How to defrag windows 10

Defragmenting/defragging your Windows 10 organizes fragmented files on your hard drive in such a way that it makes use of maximum disk space thereby enhancing the performance of your system…. Read more »