Active Directory Users and Computers

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Active directory users and computers (ADUC): Active directory users and computers (ADUC) is actually a MMC snap-in which allows administrators gain control over Active Directory objects which includes computers, users, groups, attributes and organizational units (OUs).

There are a lot of ADUC features included in new tool called – Active Directory Administrative Center (ADUC) continues to be a tool in demand that many administrators use to control their environment.


Install active directory users and computers Windows 10

Installing active directory users and computer (ADUC) for Windows 10 Version 1809 and Above

  1. Go to – Start menu
  2. Choose- SettingsApps.
  3. Click hyperlink located on right side named as – Manage Optional Features and then you need to click on the button that says – Add feature.
  4. Select – RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services & Lightweight Directory Tools
  5. Click – Install
  6. Once the installation completes, you will see a new menu item in your start menu termed as – Windows Administrative Tools


What is Active Directory Users and Computers Used For?

Active directory users and computers (ADUC) can help you manage almost all of your AD admin roles except managing GPOs, but most of the things can be done using ADUC.

With the help of ADUC, it is easy to control, reset passwords, FSMO server roles, change group memberships, and unlock users and many other tasks. Also, you can use other tools like RSAT to manage AD.

1. Active Directory Administrative Center

Helps manage AD Trash Can (deletes that happen accidentally), displays PowerShell history and manage password policies.

2. Active Directory Domains and Trusts

Allows you to monitor multiple domains in order to manage forest functional level, manage functional level, manage User Principle Names (UPN), and also manage trusts among domains & forests.

3. Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

Allows PowerShell cmdlets to manage AD.

4. Active Directory Sites and Services

Helps view and manage services and sites. Makes it easy to determine topology of AD & set replication.

5. ADSI Edit

ADSI Edit helps manage AD objects.

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Active directory users and computer (ADUC) Delegating Control

In case you want to limit sysadmin team’s roles to take care of specific domains in the network. You wish to allocate 2 sysadmins  for each domain, primary and backup. You can do it by following the steps given below

  • Open – ADUC as Admin.
  • Right click on domain
  • Choose – Delegate Control
  • Continue to click through Wizard until till you see the screen where you can add user you wish to assign administrative roles to.
  • Choose the user and just click – Next
  • Select the specific tasks you want to assign to the particular user from the next screen.
  • On your next screen, you will find a recap, click – Finish if everything seems to be correct


Add user to active directory

  • Open the tree for domain wherein you need new user,
  • Right click – User container
  • Select – NewUser.
  • Fill up details & click – Next.
  • Set the password of your choice and check all the correct boxes and then click – Next.
  • Verify user once set correctly on next screen and click – Finish.
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