Add Startup Programs Windows 10

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How add startup programs windows 10: If you know how to manage start programs just by enabling/ disabling them, then you may not know that there are others methods to add startup programs too and also remove them easily.

Windows 10 users can add/remove Startup programs right from Startup folder.

Ways to Add Startup Programs Windows 10

1. Add Startup programs windows 10 directly to Startup Folder

Here is how to do it from the Startup folder:

  • Head to – “Run” by pressing – Windows+R from the keyboard.
  • From the results you get type – “shell: Startup”. This command will direct you to the Startup folder. You can also make a note of the directory which is directory –

(C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup).

Once you find the startup folder, you can now install the programs you wish to be included in startup items.

  1. You can perform this step using 2 different methods. Firstly copy & paste the shortcut of the particular program you wish to add to the Startup folder.
  2. Second method which can be used in case you do not prefer going to desktop every time to reach program shortcuts, then click anywhere on the empty space in Startup folder.
  • On the menu you get, scroll down and then click –“New” and choose – “Shortcut”.
  • You will see a window that appears here. If you are sure about the program directory you want then type the location of the program in text box. Else click – Browse
  • Search for the specific program file for particular startup program/ app and just double click it.
  • Simply click Next option. If asked to rename the specific shortcut, you can allot a name of your choice.
  • Now on your next boot the programs & apps added in Startup folder will be automatically installed.


2. Using Registry

Here are steps that help you add programs to Startup folder with the help of registry:

  • Similar to the method 1 shown above move to – “Run
  • Type -“regedit” in Run window.
  • Press- ENTER.
  • On the next window that you can see move to the key given below HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer/StartupApp/Run.

You will be able to easily find these entries towards the left side of the registry editor. Just continue to open every entry /subfolder till you get – “Run”.

Here you can see all the startup programs listed towards right side of the Registry editor.

Remove Startup Programs

If you wish to remove any item from Startup, simply right click the equivalent identity and click – DELETE

Add Startup Programs

  • In order to add a startup entry, you just need to create a new string value and allot the name you wish to.
  • Now, again move to – “Run” in registry same as in earlier step.
  • Right click anywhere in empty space on right side of the registry editor and then choose – New String.
  • Below –  VALUE NAME, type write a preferred name and then under VALUE DATA; type the specific path to application launcher of specific program you wish to start up with.
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