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Download iTunes for Windows 10: iTunes is a perfect audio & video player that helps you experience the real music on Windows as well as iOS devices.

Improved than before by downloading iTunes for Windows

iTunes lets you import and organize music files. Certainly, it is a complete video library that enables different ways to browse and manage music. You can create playlists and display recently added automatically. Well, iTunes is not compatible with certain file formats like FLAC still it is one of the perfect methods to manage your music.

You can also select and purchase via iTunes store. The store has podcasts, music, videos, etc which becomes available instantly after you make a purchase from any device you have signed to iTunes.


How to Download iTunes for Windows 10

  • Install your preferred web browser using Start menu/taskbar/desktop
  • Head to
  • Click on – Download Now for which you need to scroll down a little.
  • Click – Save and now iTunes will start downloading.
  • Click- Run once the download is over. Now iTunes Installer will automatically open.
  • Click- Next
  • Click – Install when you are OK with the installation guidelines
  • Click – Finish


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iTunes for Windows Features

No more stacking of CDs or shuffling through channels. iTunes helps manage entire video plus music collection within a few clicks helping you access your past collection and enjoy uninterrupted digital entertainment. Just browse and organize and then play from your PC, Mac easily.

You can access your collection by album, date, year, episode, artist etc. A quick search allows you to pull out the results you are looking for.

 You can convert your CDs to digital music by easily importing your collection to iTunes. You can organize the collection using custom playlists.

You can also shuffle the songs to combine different channels. You can also listen to your favourite music from a different computers present on your network. Onscreen controls help you play video easily.

iTunes for Windows: Pros

  • Organize music into different playlists
  • Modify your file information
  • Record CDs
  • Copy your files to a different audio player(digital) or iPod
  • Buy videos and music online via built-in store available with iTunes
  • Run visualizer to see the graphical effects of the music
  • Encode your music to different audio file formats


You can easily select the music via iTunes that you would like to sync to the preferred device plus movies, books, podcasts, TV shows and many more. iTunes is efficient and organized and the backups it offers are quite impressive and upon plugging in any new device it imports your backup data instantly without any hassles.

It is indeed the best place to store your music collection and is quite reliable and easy to use. As it is compatible with iOS devices the iOS device users get complete control over how they can organize their music in a secured place.

There are many features you can enjoy and store your music collection and organize it too. Not many programs offer this amazing opportunity and with iTunes you can gather your favourite collection at one place and retrieve when needed.

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