Gmail SMTP Settings

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Gmail SMTP Settings: In case you want to utilize your Gmail account with other apps, email services, mobile devices or apps, then your Gmail SMTP settings needs to be properly configured. Let us know how to configure Gmail SMTP settings.

Gmail SMTP Settings & Gmail SMTP Server

Each Gmail account from Google accompanies Gmail SMTP server which comes for free. It helps you to make use of SMTP server to send out emails by utilizing your preferred email clients for example Apple mail, Outlook, Thunderbird and many more.

Gmail SMTP settings- Default

  • Server address –
  • SMTP username- It would be your Gmail address
  • SMTP password- It would be your Gmail password
  • SMTP port – TLS : 587
  • SMTP port SSL – 465
  • SMTP TLS/SSL necessary- Yes

After you add the account to the preferred email client, you need to enter the email id and password. Once done you would see a pop up on the screen for Gmail SMTP settings. After that you need to enter the above given information.

In case you are unable to view the pop up then open the account settings and do little search. Actually the location of these settings differs based on the email client being used. Mostly they are pretty easy to trace.

In order to avoid spamming Gmail SMTP settings comes with an email sending limit.

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Security features of Gmail SMTP

It becomes easy to access to the Gmail servers with the help of SSL/TLS, SMTP. In case you are connecting with the help of SMTP then it is possible to send out mail to G suite/Gmail users. If you are using SSL/TLS to connect then it is possible to send out mails to almost anyone.

It is recommended that you use SSL/TLS to send out emails.

Google restricts you to send a specific count of emails using SMTP on a daily basis which is 2000 emails/day.

You can also set up some extra security features for example 2-step verification with Gmail.


Many email programs also provide the SMTP server settings information automatically when setting up account. On the other hand some old email clients lack new technologies and thus Google blocks the request as part of default settings. If you are not able to send out email using your Gmail account because of this reason then there are chances that you are providing the incorrect SMTP settings.

In case you are looking out to start an email campaign wherein you need to send countless emails then you need to opt for the right SMTP server that permits you to send out bulk emails at an affordable price. It will help you send out emails in bulk at a high delivery rate.

In case of Gmail SMTP server if you cross the limits of sending out emails Google blocks your account.

If your requirements suit the Gmail SMTP server limitations to send out email then configuring its settings and using it is a reliable and secure option for you. It is now easy to carry out the entire configuration process.

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