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Windows 10 Calculator Missing: You might have come across this issue where you couldn’t find the calculator on your Windows 10. You may be little worried regarding the missing calculator. When it happens when you are about to carry out a crucial calculation it can be annoying to find it missing.

You may search a lot but then realize that it just disappeared. It may seem something unusual but there are different reasons why windows 10 calculator goes missing suddenly

The main reason could be when you tried to installed Windows XP service pack like SP3 or SP2 and secondly it may be because of upgrading from one windows version to another.

Now that you want to get it back at any cost in Windows 10 here are some methods that would be helpful to fix windows 10 calculator missing issue.

1. Try copying – calc.exe

The easiest way to retrieve your calculator is to just copy the file – calc.exe from a different device to – C:\Windows\System32 folder on your Windows device.

You can also try copying calc.chm to this- c:\Windows\Help.


You can find these two files in the 2 directories present on a different device where the calculator is present.

Once you copy the file, create a shortcut to access calc.exe file on  Start Menu or anywhere you prefer.

In case you are not able to locate – CHM file, there is absolutely no problem as what you actually require is EXE file.

In case you encounter an error when you try to copy to –System32 directory, then you should check whether you have opened your Windows Explorer as admin.

To accomplish that process

  • Click – Start
  • Type – Explorer
  • Right click – Windows Explorer
  • Opt for – Run as Administrator.
  • Right click(in windows 10) on the option –Explorer (Run Command)


As you have opened explorer with admin rights, you can now copy & paste the file – calc.exe file to System32 directory


2. Reboot Windows 10

Most of the time Windows 10 reboots automatically upon updating the system. For any reason if it doesn’t happen then you can reboot the system on your own as it is quite useful in resolving the issue.

3. Utilize in-built Troubleshoot option

Windows 10 users know that there is an in-built option for troubleshooting that it helps resolve a lot of issues related to OS or default apps on Windows.

Here how you can use the troubleshoot option

  • From the keyboard press- Windows+I key to expand settings
  • Look for – troubleshoot app.
  • Pick – ‘Find & Fix problems’ using Microsoft Store Apps
  • Click –Apply repairs automatically
  • Click – Next

Do as directed in on-screen instructions

Reboot the system once done and look for the calculator it is retrieved


4. Reset – Calculator App (Windows 10)

  • Press- Windows Key + I which will open – Settings, now click –
  • Click – Apps & Features from the menu towards left hand side.
  • A list of apps will appear, here search for the – Calculator once found click to open it and then click – Advanced options
  • It will expand Storage usage & App Reset page, here you can click the option – Reset


When you are warned by the system, click again on – Reset button in order to confirm the modifications.

Once you complete this process, you can see a check sign on your screen.  Check if the calculator is retrieved.

5. Download Calculator via Microsoft

Sometimes for some weird reason you may not find calculator working properly on your operating system. In that case you can download it via Microsoft (which is available only through CNET).

After downloading the calculator you need to install it. You may get a horrible view of the calculator which you can change by following the steps given below

  • Click – View
  • Select – Classic view

This will help you get the normal appearance of the calculator in Windows 10

  • You can also  click – View
  • Select – Standard

It helps you eliminate the conversion options present towards left and stay with the regular and conventional calculator.

So the above methods will help you get back your calculator and perform calculations without any issues. Just try the methods to find out which one works for you.

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