Windows 10 Vs Windows 7

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Windows 10 vs windows 7 comparison: If you are planning to buy a new PC then you will get Windows 10 with your new PC. If you have used Windows 7 earlier and want to know whether you should go with Windows 10 or Windows 7 then this article is going to highlight the aspects of Windows 10 vs Windows 7 that would help you take the right decision.

Windows 10 Vs Windows 7 Comparison

Start Menu – Windows 10 vs windows 7

Windows 7 has a simple interface that Windows users find quite easy using it. On the other hand Windows 10 is more advanced and displays All Apps when you click on Start menu with power button to the left and all this is introduced to enhance user experience and certainly this aspect makes Windows 10 excel over Windows 7.


Search – Windows 10 vs Windows 7

While using Windows 7 you used to click the Start button to search for content on your computer. On Windows 10, it is Cortana that does the similar job. It is a digital assistant that is located besides Start button and it also helps search the web and not just the PC.


Action Center – Windows 10 vs Windows 7

When it comes to Action center provided in Windows 10 it is completely different from action center that exist in Windows 7. It shows the notification when you are connected to your email like Outlook. So, the notifications basically disappear after some time. In Windows 10 you can just view the notifications in Action center and retrieve them before they disappear.


Internet Explorer versus Edge

All other web browsers available in Windows 7 function quite similar to Windows 10 except the new browser introduced in Windows 10 by Microsoft known as Edge is great.


Applications: Windows 10 vs windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user then you will have to upgrade to Windows 10 to access Apps. This feature in Windows 10 makes your social networking experience much better and quicker. You can discover an array of apps related to games, news etc.

Windows 7 offers just standard apps which aren’t easily accessible.


Design: Windows 10 vs windows 7

When you look at the layout of Windows 10 you will find it quite appealing as compared to Windows 7. The design is now colorful, flat, squared whereas Windows 7 design was rounded and glassy.


Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 has included this additional feature on operating system. You can just click the icon for Task view which is present on Taskbar and you can also access it using your keyboard by press Win + tab key and the virtual desktop will be accessible just by clicking the plus sign located in right corner at the bottom.

It becomes easy to drag the open applications to your new workspace and organize your tasks in a better way. The navigation between different tasks become simpler and same data is shared and any changes made will be reflected throughout.


The differences highlighted above make Windows 10 a better and an advanced operating system, but it again depends on your comfort which OS you would like to go with.

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