DLNA windows 10

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What is DLNA Server in Windows 10: Earlier watching movies or favorite songs was only possible through DVDs. Now there is no such headache of buying a new CD or DVD to watch your favorite movies or songs on your television.

With the help of advanced technology you can now attach your computer to your television easily and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

Now do you know how to connect your computer to your television to watch your favorite movies or songs?

Well, it is quite easy as you can use DLNA server to attach your PC to the television


DLNA windows 10

DLNA server windows 10 might be a new term for you. DLNA means- Digital Living Network Alliance which is the software that lets Televisions, media boxes and other such devices connect to the network for you to explore the media content saved on your computer.

With the help of DLNA the sharing of digital media through multimedia devices becomes easy.


Benefits of DLNA

  • Using DLNA is rewarding as it makes it easy for you to share favorite data stored on media with different devices at just a single click.
  • DLNA server can be easily created on your Windows 10 and start utilizing media data stored on your PC.
  • PCDLNA supports smart phones and you can use it to stream your collection on HDTV as well. It means if you have some of your favourite media content stored on your Smartphone you can easily watch it on your TV on a big screen with the help of DLNA. In this case Smartphone will be your remote control.


DLNA works great with

  • Cables,
  • Satellites
  • Telecom


DLNA supports the following certified devices

  • smart phones
  • PCs
  • Tablets
  • TV sets and many more

You can use DLNA to share pictures, movies, images, videos etc


Enable DLNA on Windows 10 – How to do it?

It is necessary to make a restore point so that you have a backup in case something goes incorrect.

Ideally, Windows 10 doesn’t have any option that lets you enable DLNA server using the settings. Hence Control Panel is what you can use to activate DLNA server on windows 10.

The steps given below will help you enable DLNA windows 10-

  • Go to windows search bar and type – control panel and clickControl Panel
  • Click –Network and Internet
  • Click – Network and Sharing Center found underneath – Under Network and Internet
  • From left hand pane, click the link- “Change advanced sharing settings
  • Below the options – Change sharing, click –downwards arrow next to All Network
  • Click the link-“Choose media streaming options” found below Media streaming section.
  • You can see a new dialog box, click the button –Turn on Media Streaming
  • On your next screen you will find the options given below


  1. First option is for giving a custom name to your media library which enables easy identification when you need the content
  2. Second option is for whether you want to display the devices present on Local network/All network.
  3. Last option shows the listed of devices that DLNA enabled. It displays the list of devices you can use.


  • Give a name to the network multimedia library, then select the devices that can read it
  • Now from the left-hand window pane click on “Change when the computer sleeps” link.
  • Now, you can edit the settings for power plan and you can adjust the sleep time here
  • Just click the button – Save changes so that changes are saved
  • Return to click – OK seen on the bottom of your screen



After you have successfully completed the steps shown above, DLNA server will be enabled and the account libraries you own gets shared to different streaming devices to which the access is provided by you

Now it becomes easy to watch your favorite media content on your big screen TV which is actually an amazing experience.

It will help you watch the content stored on your PC on TV. It is easy to do and you can do it on your own following the steps carefully so no one can stop you from getting entertained on a big screen whenever you want to.

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