How to Find Windows Product Key

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How to find windows product key: Irrespective of how you received your Windows 10 copy, you will need the windows product key with 25-character or digital license in order to activate Windows. A digital license is used to activate Windows 10 wherein you don’t need to enter the product key. So, you need either of the two that is product key or digital license to activate Windows.

Now, the question is where to find the product key which entirely depends on the copy of Windows you own.

In case you wish to re-install Windows but unable to find the product key, it may be saved in Windows Registry. Now, it is not that easy to trace it and not easy to read without guidance. This article will help you find it

You may find that the product ID is saved in registry but visible in binary format which is not readable.

Here are methods that help you find and read the product key easily

Methods to Find Windows Product Key

1. New PC with Windows product key

Here the product key is already installed on the computer which comes with the packaging of new PC or comes along with the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) that comes along your PC. You can also get in touch with your manufacturer to find about product key.


2. Windows 10 product key from authorized dealer

In this case the product key can be found on the card placed inside the box that comes with Windows packaging. You can also approach your dealer from whom you bought Windows 10.

Windows 10 digital copy via an authorized dealer

You can look for the product key in confirmation mail you got post purchasing Windows 10 or check in digital locker which can be accessed via dealer’s website.


3. Windows product key digital copy via Microsoft site

Here you will find the product key in confirmation mail received after buying digital copy of Windows.

Microsoft maintains a record of all product keys purchased by users from Microsoft online store.

In case you have bought your digital copy for Windows 10 from Microsoft site then check your Order history in Microsoft account.


4. Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8: No need of Windows product Key

In case you just upgraded to Windows 10 at no cost from its earlier version – Windows 7/Windows 8.1, then you must be having the digital license in place of a product key.


5. Windows Product key in Windows 10 Store App

In case you purchased Windows 10 Home/Professional/ or Upgrade to Pro from Windows 10 Store app, then you will get a digital license rather than getting a product key. You can activate Windows 10 using this digital license.


In case the product key is blurred, scratched, blurred or not is a usable state then get in touch with the retailer from whom you purchased the product.

In case you are unable to get assistance from your retailer for some reason or not getting a usable product key from him then get in touch with Microsoft support. Microsoft will help you get your product key easily which you can use for Windows activation.


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