How to Make Google My Homepage

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How to make Google my homepage: Google is always busy and every one of us utilizes Google for our search on the internet. Google is helping its users in many ways, whether you are looking out for a job, searching for information on any product, browsing through matrimonial sites everything is shown in Google search results.

To search on Google it may need certain passes of the website to locate it for you. So, as and when you want to search anything you need to type – while typing in search bar.

So, why not make the google as homepage default so that you don’t have to type the URL everything you want to search something.

Can I set Google as My default Homepage?

The question is can you make Google your default homepage? Yes certainly you can.

You can easily make Google your homepage in the browser. This article will share the steps that help you make Google your Homepage in Windows 10.

The popular browsers existing on the web are Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome. In case of Google Chrome it has default Search Engine Google already and you can set Homepage to be Google Search following the steps given in this article.

Mozilla also joined the tech companies like Facebook and Google bringing down the Flash use on the internet.

In order to make most of it you will have to set it as default web browser. There are a number of Google apps available to help you.


Why to make Google as My default Homepage?

Each time you use Google Chrome for your search it directly searched it through Google, but when you make Google your default Homepage, you will be able to see the browser automatically open as default homepage.

Some users say that they changed their homepage to something else and can’t get back their default Google homepage. So, this article will also be helpful for them to solve the issue.

Google is the most important browsing tool you use every day after signing in to your system. If you are one of those who start their day with then here is how you can set as your homepage on your PC.

Steps to Make Google my homepage Chrome

  • Open – Google Chrome Browser
  • Go to – Settings
  • Move to – Appearance
  • Enable Show Home Button
  • Here you will find the option to type URL. In second option, type – and then close it.


So, this completes your task, now whenever you open your Google Chrome, it will open Google homepage.

Internet browsers come with default Search Engine/ Website already set as homepage which normally is, which opens up when you start Internet browser. The process to change the default homepage differs with the browser you are using.

The site is the very first page you see when you start the browser. The browsers like Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer or Google Chrome come with a default homepage of their own but it can be customized through settings to suit your preferences.

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