NVIDIA Control Panel Windows 10

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NVIDIA control panel windows 10: NVIDIA is actually a control panel designed particularly for video functions. It is compatible with Windows application only. It is embedded with the graphics settings which are easy to use and manage NVIDIA utilities. NVIDIA display control panel setting comes with different options that help you control the configuration settings.

There is also a graphical setup along with different features that comprise of different 3D graphics. It lets you mange different display options with the help of an HDMI VGA and also with S-Video application. It is an easy to use application which needs to technical skills to use the functions. The graphical interface has all the features to aid the visual effects.

NVIDIA Display Control Panel is actually is available as licensed freeware for your PC/laptop having Windows 32/64 bit OS. The users can download it for free. In case you find issues with NVIDIA Control Panel opening, on Windows 10 computer, then try the methods given below to fix the issue.

  • Restart NVIDIA Control Panel process
  • Restart NVIDIA Display Driver Service
  • Upgrade NVIDIA Display Drivers


Table of Contents

Restart NVIDIA Control Panel windows 10 (process)

  • In order to restart process for the NVIDIA Control Panel via Task Manager, press the combination of the following buttons – CTRL+Shift+Esc using the Keyboard.
  • Search for the process known as – NVIDIA Control Panel Application.
  • Open it and then right-click on – NVIDIA Control Panel sub process. Click simply on – End Task.
  • Try opening -NVIDIA Control Panel through Start Menu and then check whether the issue is resolved or not.
  • Restart the Service – NVIDIA Display Driver
  • Now open – Windows Services Manager which can be done by pressing the button WINKEY + Rtogether to start – Run  Type as given- services.msc and you need to press- Enter. This will start the -Services window and also display the service list.
  • Now, search for the services –NVIDIA Display Container LS. Double-click it to expand -Properties box.
  • Make sure the service gets begins. In case it doesn’t then start it. If the service already starts just stop it and start again. Check if the Startup Type is made to – Automatic.
  • Repeat the same process for –NVIDIA LocalSystem Container
  • Now see if the problem is fixed.


Update -NVIDIA Display Drivers

  • The important thing you need to do is to update your NVIDIA Display Drivers.
  • To update it you need to go to the Display Driver Download Website (with latest updates) so that you can easily download the NVIDIA driver.
  • Select the right model of the graphics card you are using with help of drop-down menu. Now after pressing the Search button, you can view the latest versions of driver available for your graphics card. Simply accept the terms of use to start downloading the driver. Lastly run the file you downloaded for installing the latest drivers.
  • Reboot the PC to execute changes.

The above methods would certainly help you fix the issue and open NVIDIA control panel.

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