How to Remove Password in Windows 10

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How to remove password in windows 10: It is always better to protect your Windows 10 device with a secure password to keep your files and device safe. Certainly, you may need to go through a few extra steps while logging in to your device but again it is not a bad idea for the sake of safety.

In case your device doesn’t contain crucial data then you may be worried about security and you rather don’t need any password protection for your device. In that case you can easily remove the account password in Windows 10 and log in without password each time you access your device.

This article will explain the steps that will allow you to remove password Windows 10 based on the account type

4 Ways to Remove Password in Windows 10

1. Disabling log in password in Windows 10

In case you use a Microsoft account, you won’t be allowed to remove password windows 10 completely as your account information is linked to the online account you own, still, you can change the settings of your device to sign in without a password.

The steps given below will help you skip the log in password and access your Windows 10 device

  • Open – Start
  • Find – netplwiz and click the topmost result to expand it
  • Below the section – ‘users for this computer’ pick the user account for which you want to eliminate the password.
  • Erase the option that says – ‘User must enter a user name and password to use this computer
  • Click the button – Apply
  • Enter the Microsoft account details
  • Click – Ok
  • Click – Ok again

After you are done with the above steps, your computer will use a password to stay secure from stranger’s access and will also sign in automatically each time you access your system


2. Remove password in Windows 10 completely

You can also remove the login password from your Windows 10 device completely via Microsoft account for which you need to shift to a local account

Important Note:  Trying to remove the password from the account this way can also put your system at risk of attack from unauthorized sources remotely or locally.

The steps given below can help you shift to the local account and remove password of windows 10

  • Open – Settings
  • Click – Accounts
  • Click – Your Info
  • Click the following link – ‘sign in with a local account instead
  • Type your existing password
  • Click the button- Next
  • Create the desired username for that account
  • Skip the process of password creation which will directly eliminate the password completely
  • Click the button – Next
  • Click the button- Sign out and finish

Once you carry out the steps given above, the device you are using will not be linked to the Microsoft account and will automatically sign in each time you enter your device.

3. Remove password using command on login screen

  • Click the icon – ease of access and it will open Command Prompt
  • Type the command – net user to eliminate log in password in Windows 10
  • Type command – “net user <username> *
  • Press – Enter two times and it will remove the password
  • Exit – Command Prompt window and now log in to Windows 10 without the password

4. Removing password post logging in with Administrator

If you can enter your PC with then all the above methods aren’t required for you.

On your Windows 10 PC with all administrator privileges, it becomes easy for you to hunt for many ways that can let you modify or remove the user login password for example control panel, command prompt, computer management.

In case you wish to eliminate existing log in administrator password in Windows 10, the steps stated below would help

  • Click – Start and select – Settings–Accounts
  • Press- Sign-in options and then right below the section- Password, click on – Change password
  • Verify the existing password for administrator.
  • Just keep these fields blank – New password, Reenter password, and Password hint
  • Click – Next
  • Press- Finish to eliminate existing user password.

This when you log out and try to log in again with the same administrator, you will not be prompted for any password to use your Windows 10 computer.

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