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Resource Monitor: All Windows OS users that it comes with a plenty of features that can be utilized for make tasks easier. Out of all other Windows task manager is the prominent one that helps you know the tasks running and other details so that the admin can remove the tasks that misbehave.

About Resource Monitor

Microsoft introduced Resource Monitor to Windows Vista & Windows Server 2008 OS. The feature shows the details about hardware & software resources that are running on your system.

Resource monitor basically helps you get information that the Task Manager is not able to display for you.

Resource Monitor operates within Performance Monitor task

How to start resource monitor windows 10

Users as well as admins get a set of options to start the tool Resource Monitor windows 10. It is integrated in different Windows OS versions and the options to start the tool are already available in some selected versions of Windows.

The Resource Monitor design is same on Windows 7, 8 and 10. In order to separate data the tool provides tabs. The 5 tabs present on this program are – CPU, Overview, Memory, Network and Disk.

When the program starts you can see the first tab displayed which is overview.  The overview will have Disk, CPU, and Memory Data, Network plus all the processes that make use of resources.

The side bar comprise of Memory use, Network, Disk and CPU.

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Check CPU usage using Resource Monitor

In case you wish to check how your CPU is utilized on your system you can navigate to CPU tab on resource monitor program. There you will find the details listed about processes on overview page. Apart from this you will also find new listings like Services, Associated Modules and Associated Handles.

You can look through the processes and check the data available for each process. It is very easy and faster method to check how each process is running, files or services on the system.

 Resource Monitor helps you manage services and processes easily on your CPU tab. A process in red color implies that it is not responsive and a blue color implies that the specific process is suspended.

Memory tab in Resource Monitor

When you look at memory tab you will see processes similar to CPU tab but here the details will be displayed based on memory usage. It highlights physical memory details and also gives you a clear picture of how memory is distributed on your Windows system.

In case you are viewing the information for the first time, you will be amazed to know that hardware consumes very less memory.

The graphs displayed here will show you physical memory used, hard faults/second and commit charge.

You will see that every process listed here has its name as well as processed ID, memory details and hard faults.

Some more info about Resource monitor

Basically Resource Monitor is a readily available program that is quite helpful for experienced users, system administrators and regular users too. It provides more detailed information as compared to Task Manager and offers you the facility to understand the activities happening on Windows system

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