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VLC media player download: VLC media player is the best multi format player that can be accessed for free. In case you want to play music, video files in any format, VLC is incredible media player and a great option. This software is supports different platforms like Mac, iPhone, Android etc.,


Stable program and supports different file formats

VLC media player is quite flexible and stable video and audio player available today. It stands out in the crowd as it helps play any format after you download a codec.
You can easily play a plenty of formats like MPEG, RMBV, FLV files. Also, you can preview files in VLC media player that you wish to download as it runs incomplete sections of video files. VLC media player not only helps play videos but also supplies amazing combination of streaming services for video channels like Channels.com which helps you to view channels like National Geographic, ESPN, Reuters etc.,
You just need to right click/CMD click on playlist and choose – Services Discovery & Channels.com. Now you can watch the channels available on VLC media player. You just need to click on specific channel you want to watch and the streaming starts immediately.


How VLC media player works?

VLC media player comes with excellent hotkey assistance and to learn some shortcuts you can spare some time so that you can get better control without using your mouse. In case of music, VLC plays almost every format and you can see an equalizer plus playlist creation.
When it comes to playing different file format, VLC media player is one of the best. VLC also allows you to convert the files and apart from different format /physical media it plays it also enables streaming TV capture cards and protocols.
You can also add subtitles using VLC and also download different skins to modify the look and feel of VLC. The menu is completely user-friendly and you will also find easy documentation online.
It is completely free
It is undoubtedly, the perfect multimedia program for MC and Windows. It can play anything and everything giving you a hassle-free experience.


Advantages of VLC media player

  • Excellent hotkey assistance
  • Very simple to use
  • Enhanced interface available in version 3
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Compatible with an array of file formats
  • Absolutely free
  • Plays HD as well as BluRay
  • Added format assistance available in version 3
  • Blended with services for streaming web channel


VLC media player Download

If you want to download this amazing media player for free you can click on this link VLC and get your free media player instantly.

There are many such media players available in market but VLC has its own features that help you get an excellent audio and video streaming experience. You don’t have to worry playing any file formats which may not be available with many other media players. On top of it the program is completely free to use. You can unleash enhanced version of VLC by downloading it for free.

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