Windows 10 Review

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Windows 10 review: New PCs that come with Windows 10 are quite easy to use and thankfully the other mode for example Windows 10 OS is quite flexible. The new update in Windows 10 is the latest October 2018 update that improves the OS a lot more in its functioning.

Apart from the Dark mode introduced with Windows 10 October update to file explorer and amazing feature is – ‘Your Phone’ app you will also find advancement in screenshot.

Along with other updates, Microsoft is working hard to give a modern appeal to the looks of Windows 10. The Fluent design is incorporated by tech giant- Redmond to each and every inch of the operating system.

All the updates, changes, features introduced by Microsoft has made it transform with time introducing latest features that would go a long way and something that you would not find in traditional computers.

If you are planning to switch to a new operating system then Windows 10 can be your pick and you can get the licensed Windows 10 copy at $ 139 for home edition and for Windows Pro you will have to shell out around $199.

Before you decide to buy the licensed copy of Windows 10 let us learn if it worth spending on the OS copy.

Features Included in Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Cloud Clipboard & Clipboard history

If you are someone who needs to copy and paste a lot of things daily, then Microsoft makes it lot easier for you as with this October update, you can access the Clipboard history which will monitor everything copied. Just after pressing “Win+V” you can simply access the amount of data you already copied and this will save a lot of time.

Also, Cloud Clipboard feature with the new update sync the clipboard across multiple devices. It will help you save a lot of time when you are accessing multiple devices with Windows 10.


Your Phone App

You can get a lot more compatibility with this new Windows 10 October update with phone provided you are working on Android platform. You can easily add images via your phone, reply to messages and a lot more.


Snip and Sketch

Snip & Sketch is the new tool introduced with the new update which is an upgrade to snipping tool. It performs better. You can press Ctrl+N and open a program and then drag the square on the area that you wish to capture.


Storage Sense

Earlier the major issue with Windows 10 was the clutter that consumed a lot of space on your hard drive but with the latest update there is a solution to this problem – Storage sense.

This new feature will archive unused, old files in cloud automatically while erasing the local files. This means you can free the disk space as well as can access all the data stored on cloud.

Apart from the features stated above the new Windows 10 October update 2018 offers features like news app, dark mode in your file explorer etc.

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