Windows 10 Bootable USB

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Windows 10 Bootable USB: If you want to know how to create your personal windows 10 bootable USB for your Windows 10, then you can find the method in this article. It is quite simple.

Of course there is a way to create your personal bootable USB drive for Windows 10. Let us learn the simpler method first

How to create windows 10 bootable usb

If you are not planning to use any third party software to do the job then you can find the below mentioned method perfect for creating your bootable USB drive on USB drive. You may find this method a little complicated but following the steps given below can create windows 10 bootable usb easily.

  • Check if you have plugged your USB drive
  • Open – command prompt as an administrator
  • Now open – disk management through command prompt. In order to do that you can just type –diskpart in the search box and press enter.
  • Type – list disk and press enter to view the list of connected disks.
  • Now select your USB drive from the list- you can do that by typing- select disk # and then press enter. Here you can replace the # sign with the respective disk number you are using.
  • Now the next step involves cleaning your USB drive- you can type – clean and then press enter to accomplish the task.
  • Type- create partition primary and press enter to create bootable partition.
  • Select the partition that you made just now. You can type – select partition 1 to do the job.
  • Now type- active and press enter
  • To format your USB drive – type – format fs =fat32 and then press enter.
  • Now allocate a drive letter to your USB by typing – assign
  • Finally copy all the files of Windows 10 and then paste it into your USB drive.

That’s how you can accomplish the task. This was the manual process of creating bootable USB drive for Windows 10 and now the drive is ready for you to install the operating system Windows 10 on your PC.

If you are not a technical expert, then you can try the easy way out to create Windows 10 bootable USB drive using any third party software as it will be easy for you and the software will do the job for you. You may find the manual method to be quite tough if you are not technically sound.

When you are using third party software to create Windows 10 bootable USB drive, you will be given clear instructions by the software and steps will be easy to follow. You just need to follow the simple steps designed by external software. It is especially designed for people who are not aware about hardware fixes and are not technically sound.

The manual method is easy for those who are experts as they will find it easy and convenient than using a 3rd party software like Rufus. Still, many experts also prefer using external software to reduce the time taken to carry out the process of creation.

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