How to Run CMD as Administrator

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How to run command prompt as administrator: Mostly users open Command Prompt as normal user. At times, you may need to run Command Prompt as administrator to be able to run command that need administrative privileges.

For most users, using command prompt is almost like a feature used most frequently in Windows. There are many users who are not aware of opening command prompt with administrator privileges – which leads to frustration caused while getting errors like you can’t access a certain command, file or feature.

Of course there are times it is necessary to open command prompt to run certain utilities. There are certain utilities that need administrator permission to work.

This article will help you cut down your frustration and learn how to open command prompt as administrator in Windows 10

Windows provides a number of ways to open Command prompt and these methods can open Command prompt with admin privileges too.

Let us go through the  methods that would help your open Command prompt in Windows with administrative privileges.

Methods to Run CMD as Administrator

1. Use Power Users Menu to Run CMD as administrator

In Windows 10 you will find a Power Users menu which can be accessed on pressing – Windows+X or  also you can right click on start button.

When you get – Power Users menu, select – “Command Prompt (Admin).”

Note: In case you see PowerShell in place of Command Prompt on Power Users menu, then do not panic as it is a change that comes from Creators Update for Windows 10.

Do not worry as you can get Command Prompt again on Power Users menu if you need or you can also try PowerShell too. Command prompt and powershell commands are almost same.

You can carry out tasks almost all in Powershell that you can perform in Command Prompt including a plenty of other helpful tasks.

Once you start Command Prompt as administrator, you will find – “User Account Control” window requesting you to give out permission to go ahead.  Just click – Yes

After you get the -“Administrator: Command Prompt” window on your screen, you can simply run almost any command whether or not it needs administrative.


2. Open command prompt as administrator Using Start Menu

You can expand an administrative Command Prompt even using the Start menu only

  • Press –Start
  • Type- “Command” and you can now view “Command Prompt” on the top of the result list. Right-click command prompt from the list, select – “Run as administrator

3. How to run CMD as administrator Using Run Box

If have used the “Run” box previously to open apps, then you can use it to start Command Prompt with admin privileges too.

  • Press – Windows+R to expand- “Run” box.
  • Type “cmd” in the box
  • Press – Ctrl+Shift+Enter so that you can run command prompt as an administrator.

The above three methods will now help you open command prompt as an administrator and you can run any command that requires privileges to run easily.

You can use any of the three methods given above or can also try Powershell if you want in place of command prompt as it helps you perform same tasks and many more than command prompt

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