Windows 10 Start Menu Troubleshooter

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Windows 10 start menu troubleshooter: Microsoft has started the – Start Menu Troubleshooter for all users of Windows 10 which helps troubleshoot and resolve your Windows 10 Start Menu issues automatically.

Windows 10 Start Menu not working properly was the common issues reported by many users of this new OS and thus Microsoft has come up with this tool to fix this issue. The Start menu returned and forms the primary features of Windows 10 operating system. Of course start menu has its own set of issues.  Though Start menu in Windows 10 works fine most of the times, but at times it stops working and doesn’t open when you press Windows logo key or try to click on Start button seen on the taskbar. The search in start menu doesn’t work sometimes and the live tiles present on the Start menu display empty tiles a lot of times. You may also view Start menu popping randomly at times.

This has been reported by many PC about Start menu not working just since  Windows 10 was released. Well, Microsoft has been successful resolving many common issues but a lot of users still face problems with the Start menu.

Start menu troubleshooter Windows 10

Microsoft understands the problems that users face with Start menu and has also launched a repair tool to resolve a lot of common problems that users face with the start menu in Windows 10.

Windows 10 start menu troubleshooter is a useful utility offered by Windows 10 at absolutely no cost to fix the issues that users face with Start menu like start menu doesn’t open, apps are not displayed in start menu and also the blank tiles issues.

When you try to run start menu troubleshooter on Windows 10 PC, it actually checks for the necessary applications like Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost and Microsoft. Windows as whether they are installed properly or not and also checks the permission problems with registry, checks if tile database is corrupt and application manifest to be corrupt or not.

In case the Start menu troubleshooter windows 10 comes across an issue, it directly tries to solve it automatically.


How to use the Start menu troubleshooter Windows 10

  • Click the link – Start menu troubleshooter/repair tool on your PC
  • After you download the start menu troubleshooter, double click the file downloaded to run troubleshooter
  • After the troubleshooter starts, click the button- Next, to allow the troubleshooter to look for the issues in Start menu
  • In case there is any issue that exists in Start menu, the tool will resolve it automatically. In case there is no issue reported then you can see the following message – “troubleshooting couldn’t identify the problem


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The start menu is the main feature on Windows,  and to face problems with start menu can be quite frustrating and it will not allow you to do anything on your PC

The windows 10 start menu troubleshooter feature launched by Windows has helped many users fix the problem automatically using this tool

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