5 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Come in Handy for Students

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5 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Come in Handy for Students: The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. In addition, today’s students have a huge number of gadgets and websites to find crucial information quickly. Every day, people use browsers to find new sites or copy important data. But what if your daily routine becomes easier and more comfortable? Here are five Google Chrome extensions that will come in handy for students.

5 Chrome Extensions that are Useful for Students

  1. Grammarly

Many students have to interact with professors or friends online. In addition, using Google Document is a much more convenient option for those who cannot access their computer for a long time. But have you ever thought that a quick answer to someone’s question or writing an essay in a hurry could cause poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation?


Grammarly will help you improve your writing and fix any mistakes you might have missed. In addition, you will be able to see some parts of the sentences that can be paraphrased or made clearer. This extension will save you a lot of time. If you are in a great hurry, you can tell someone, “Write paper for me, please.” Consider all the options that might help you.

  1. Save to Google Drive

This extension will be very useful for those people who spend a lot of time saving photos, videos, audio, and text fragments. Now you can automatically copy any content to your Google Drive. Besides, many students are working on papers with friends. Then the automatic addition of files would be a very appropriate feature. Let’s say you are writing a research paper and you need a photo with tables or research results. Click on the image and keep looking for other data. But if you need help with essay, you can find a reliable writing service and not waste time on easy tasks.
save to google drive

  1. Screencastify

Sometimes students need to record videos or make presentations. This data collection format is especially relevant if you are working on your capstone project. Finding the right software can take too long. Plus, not all apps are free. If you install Screencastify, you can record video from your laptop or personal computer screen. In addition, the extension allows you to add image and sound from your webcam. With these features, you don’t have to worry about how to handle your college assignments. The only task for you will be to remove unnecessary parts of the video.

  1. Lightshot

Most students like to take notes to remember important data or make it easier to find information. But what if you need to save a page or a photo that is protected from copying? Lightshot is a very useful extension that allows you to select the area you want to copy. In addition, you can mark or underline any part of the text or graphics. Students can even leave notes or important remarks that will make it easier to organize the data further. This extension is free, so you don’t have to worry about subscriptions or one-time payments.

  1. AdBlock

The safety of each user is very important. Every student knows that finding information involves visiting hundreds of websites. Not all sites are safe. The main problem is contextual advertising and pop-up messages. If you click on any picture, you can go to phishing sites or download malicious code.


AdBlock allows you to block all potentially dangerous ads. If you trust any site, then you can deactivate the extension. In general, you can create a whitelist for those sites that you can visit without fear. Lots of people make money from PPC advertising, so you should allow some banners to show. But this action should only be taken if you are confident in your safety.


How About Extension Compatibility?

Most extensions can be installed without any problem. Don’t worry. You can add 10, 20, or even 50 new extensions, and they will all work correctly. The only exception applies to proxies and VPNs. Plus, you shouldn’t activate multiple antivirus extensions at the same time. In other cases, you will be able to use your browser comfortably. Get more information about Chrome extension settings here.


Free Vs. Paid Extensions

It is believed that only paid extensions deserve attention since the developers spend time optimizing and guaranteeing quality. However, this is not always true. The fact is that many extensions are non-profit and are created by a huge number of people. In addition, some of the software products are offered free of charge to popularize any applications or services. In any case, you can always download a paid or free extension from several developers and find the differences personally.


Final Words

Almost every browser extension can be useful for a student. You should pay attention to what goals you are pursuing. There are many tools for checking uniqueness, spelling or creating graphical content. You can also use extensions to translate text or create annotations. Your main goal is to create a list of activities you cannot do without third-party software products in your browser.

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