How to Check if Your Home Router is Vulnerable or Not

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What are routers?

Routers are used for traffic directions. Routers are used to connect to the internet through different types of devices. The internet is operated through a WiFi hotspot device called a router. 

Routers are an essential part of the home if you have an internet connection provider. With the help of, you can learn how to set up your D-Link router. Internet connection providers need a networking tool that acts as a middle man to supply to the other devices present. 

Hackers can also hack routers. Since hackers are increasing day by day, cyber internet security needs to take the right hold of the problems that one can face. And you can check the vulnerability quickly. 

Nowadays, it is not unusual to region people’s net-enabled gadgets collectively with routers, webcams, printers, and so forth are susceptible to vulnerability and online attacks. These gadgets that may be carried out through people had been carried out in a large disbursed denial of service (DDoS) assault on October 12, 2016, that left a maximum of the net inaccessible on the American Higher government first concept that it is probably the paintings of an unfavorable nation, but then it has ended up io locations that it has grown to be into the paintings of the Mira The assault have grown to be a great fulfillment for the hackers as they targeted the gadgets wherein the default password had not been modified and took manipulate of These gadgets had been formed proper right into a huge botnet and this botnet has ended up into used to release the disbursed denial of service (DDoS) assault which dispatched large volumes of synthetic web website online site visitors to all the servers in a manner that the valid web website online site visitors cannot be.


First, we shall know, What is exactly vulnerability?

Vulnerability is an inclined spot that might be exploited or controlled with the resource of using a malicious actor, collectively with an attacker, to violate the device’s protection policy. To take advantage of vulnerability was to get unauthorized to get admission to the device’s vulnerability that should be leveraged for malicious pastime with the resource of using attackers. Why are rulers inclined; Firmware is the actual problem in phrases of inclined routers. There are elements to a router. One is the hardware, and the opportunity is the software program application utility. The hardware especially consists of the PC elements within the case. Meanwhile, the software program application utility runs the show. In a router, the software program application utility is thought to be the firmware; that’s what the software program application utility is generally referred to as embedded systems. As the software program application utility might also furthermore be notoriously hard to write, even the experts will be predisposed to make a few errors or insects while writing it. These insects might also furthermore moreover appear as an alternative minor and not volatile however the one’s insects furthermore pave the way for the attackers to take advantage of the device and permit them to do topics that they shouldn’t be in jail to do.


Is Someone Else Using Your Router Network?

The first element you’ve got to check out will, without a doubt, be the Wi-Fi router itself. Check-in case your Wi-Fi router is open for all. If it’s far open for all, it means that your Wi-Fi isn’t always constant. To ensure safety, you want to set a Security password out of your admin panel and pick out one shape of safety, collectively with WEB, WPA, and WPA2. WPA2 is the safety kind with more than ten characters. Have you become aware of your safety kind as WPA2 private than the simplest manner to interrupt your Wi-Fi password is through brute force?

                      Hence, this could moreover furthermore be constant for your property routers. In This manner, you may moreover furthermore maintain the Network Adapters from having to get right of entry in your Wi-Fi. The secondary technique is to check the router logs for the gadgets that may be associated in your router. In This manner you may moreover furthermore discover the quantity of gadgets that may be registered in your community and if any of them aren’t familiar. If you spot an unrecognized tool associated or failed connection tries from unrecognized gadgets, those may be hack tries.

The 1/3 element to look for is unknown SSIDs or Wi-Fi to assess factors that aren’t broadcasting an SSID that isn’t always secure and make certain that they may not be hosted with the useful resource the use of a tool in your community.

The Steps Are Denoted Below:

1. Check The Connectivity And Authentication

You can block specific unused ports and enable the regularly used ports. The home connections can automatically authenticate and connect, whereas others should be removed. 

You should also enable the services you need and block the others. You should also change the settings that are set default by the service providers.

2. Checking Vulnerability Tests

There are specific tools that are used to check the vulnerability of the router. These tools contain data, options, and suggestions on how to solve the problems that might take place. 

Hackers use similar tools to get hold of the vulnerabilities in your router, so it’s a good idea to use them. And get a good knowledge regarding them.

3. Check And Verify The Number Of Connected Devices 

You should always keep an eye on the number of devices connected and whether they are familiar or not. It is necessary to maintain the proper functions and to work on the router and the network. You should identify the number of connected devices. 

But sometimes, due to the use of vulnerable protocols, trusted and untrusted devices can connect with your router without proper authorization.

Check whether the verification is done through an automated tool or manually using the router’s administration options. The proper steps consist of allowing devices only by using filters, not to allow access to individual specific IP addresses or MAC addresses.

4. Check Whether The Devices Are Up To Date On The Network

To get hold of a router, the hacker should be near the device. And the hacker would keep an eye on all the instruments used. So it is necessary to update devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etcetera.

These are updated because the manufacturers use the latest technology to protect the devices from being vulnerable. The machines are updated to increase protection. 

So you should update the packages as soon as they are available.

It may sound weird, but you should set the networks’ configuration as public modes rather than home or private modes. Setting into private modes will ensure that your device is safe from the attack of specific trusted devices. 

5. Security Passwords Should Be Enabled 

You should always use a strong password so that you can protect your device. A preset password is always given, which should be changed. It would be best if you always used such a password, which is impossible to guess by the hackers. Passwords should be complex and consist of both letters and numerical.

Even if your device becomes vulnerable and comes to such a state where it is hacked, you should know how to change the security passwords.

6. The Proper Protection Of Data

Protecting your router will enable the safety of your data stored in the devices as well. Hackers know every possible way to hack your information. So it is necessary to protect your data from getting hacked.

What to Do if The Router is Vulnerable?

  • It will help if you reboot your router as soon as you know it’s in a vulnerable condition. 
  • Update the router as well as the devices into the latest version available.
  • You might close the port of the router if possible.
  • Suppose up-gradation and closings of the port are not possible. In that case, you might call the Internet Service Provider and let them know that you are facing a severe security issue. And the problems might get solved easily.
  • You should run a virus scan all over your device.

How to Secure Home Routers?

  • It would be best if you change the passwords regularly.
  • Disable remote access to your network.
  • Keep the device updated.
  • You should always use a guest network, if available.


A lot of homes are suffering from vulnerability all over the world. Thousands of routers are hacked, and data are stolen within a few years. So it is better to keep them safe by following the safety methods. 

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