5 Things You Need To Know About Cloud Backup In 2021

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5 Things You Need To Know About Cloud Backup In 2021: Data is the new gold. Have we not heard that phrase too many times over the last few years? Now imagine someone working as a team leader and has to deal with bulks of data. 

For her, cloud backup is the only cost-effective solution, which always is at risk of getting misplaced – imagine a hard drive failure on your presentation day or losing the pen drive (worse!). But you can be a home user who needs to save a lot of movies for your next film review magazine and thus require colossal space. 


Things You Need To Know About Cloud Backup

Here are the three things you need to know to be a pro and stand out in the crowd!

1. Storage Capacity And Several Devices Allowed

The limit for backing up data is the first thing you need to see. You would also want to check if the service will enable you to back up external storage, which has been the primary locus of storing data for ages. Some cloud backup services allow network-attached storage (NAS). This will save you time and energy, especially with older data. 

2. How Easy Or Tricky Is The Service? 

One of the main reasons people are switching to cloud backup services is to save the extra tension of managing more devices. Therefore, you need to see if the service is an updated one that allows you to handle it with minimum handling time or demands a large share of your attention. 

Some services tax your devices way too much and halt other programs at a periodic interval, while some may slow down your bandwidth speed while the backup is in progress. This demands you to make your device free for a certain period – or you need to add an extra few minutes in your post-work schedule for this job. 

3. Versioning Flexibility And Retention Time

The service you want to avail should have the ability to recognize the most recent version of your file while backing up, in case you have created a later version. At the same time, it must retain the old files in folders for at least a brief period or customize the option for the user to choose it.

Additionally, a backup should take place continuously, and future backup options should run in the background. 


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4. Systems To Stop Data Leak

When saving data in the thin air of the cloud makes it easy to access them at any point in time; it comes with certain risks undoubtedly. As this is available online, there is always a risk from hackers, who can access it with slight brainwork or the right access credentials.

But should we stop using cloud services for that reason? After all, nothing in this world is free from the risk of adulteration. Therefore, the only way to secure our data is possible with a greater understanding of it and taking the right measures. Let us see what issues we might have to encounter while using cloud data saving in 2020. 

As I mentioned above, data is often breached from the cloud backup services; professionals can do it with crypto-keys. Such phishing businesses are undoubtedly a blot, and the companies are trying hard to safeguard customers’ trust in them. Using this link you can get UploadGig premium account usernames and passwords for free. One of the most critical measures to save your data on the cloud is by using multi-layered authentication. 

Apart from that, Data-at-Rest Encryption is another system that helps us to save our data from data pests. D-a-R is a type of data that rests in the system but is not often used actively. If the service you plan to use allows such a scenario, it will save data by encryption from time to time. Firewall service is another step to lock your data- primarily if you deal with company data that requires safety.

5. Data Loss And Misconfiguration

Data loss is one of the bugs that cloud backup services are still trying to solve. This can happen due to several reasons, from a trivial mishandling to natural disasters and access loss. Whereas, most data misconfigurations take place because of the settings used for cloud servers.

Your confidential data may be left in the open and can be accessed by anyone without authorization because of misconfiguration. This is no doubt a severe threat that the companies are yet to tackle. 

Although with updated services in 2020, the companies can serve us better. You can always use specialized tools for the configuration and double-check. Instead, you can also avail of some of the third-party services like the Dome9 or Cloudsploit. These third-party services allow you to take a step back and manage the state of your data’s safety and state. 


These are the five things you need to keep in mind while availing of the cloud backup services. With these in mind, you can be a pro when it comes to data backup with cloud backups. 

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