Windows Shortcut Keys

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Windows keyboard shortcuts: This article will help you know about the Windows shortcut keys  that are used commonly for almost every Microsoft Windows version.

Common Windows keyboard shortcuts

Alt+Tab: Helps shift from one open application to another in Windows. You can also use Alt+Shift+Tab together to reverse the direction,
Ctrl+Tab: The keyboard helps switch between different tabs, program groups, document windows in different applications supporting this feature. The direction can be reversed by pressing the following simultaneously Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Alt+double-click: In Windows 95 versions or all other later versions, it displays the properties of any object double clicked. For instance, if you double click on a file the action would show up its properties.
Alt+Print Screen: Allows you to create the screenshot for active program window only in all Window versions
Ctrl+Alt+Del: Opens the Windows option screen to help locking your computer, task manager, switching user etc., in new versions of Windows. If you press Ctrl+Alt+Del many times it will directly reboot your PC.
Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Instantly shows up the Task Manager in Windows.
Ctrl+Esc: Displays start menu in Windows in most versions of Windows.
Alt+Esc: Allows you to switch between all open applications on your Windows taskbar
Alt+Spacebar: The window control menu is dropped down for all existing open programs in Windows
Alt+Enter: Expands properties window of the particular of chosen program/icon.
Shift+Del: Deletes a specific file/object permanently without sending it to the recycle bin


Function keyboard shortcuts Windows

Here is the list of function keyboard shortcuts windows

F1: Opens help section for the application you are currently working on. In case you are working at Windows desktop, F1 will open Windows help.
F2: Helps renaming a selected file, icon or folder in Windows
F3: Opens search while you are at Windows desktop.
F4: expands the drive selection/ address bar while you are browsing through files in Windows explorer.
Alt+F4: shuts down the currently open program window and doesn’t prompt in Windows.
Ctrl+F4: shuts down open window in your current active window in Windows. It supports only programs that are compatible with multiple tabs/windows in similar windows program.
F6: In Windows explorer, F6 allows you to move your cursor to another pane in Windows Explorer pane.
F8: Pressing F8 multiple times while the PC is booting can lead the PC to start in safe mode.
F10: Opens file menu bar in Windows.

Replicates a right click on a specific item selected which is useful when you are facing problem with right clicking using your mouse.
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WINKEY Windows keyboard shortcuts

Apart from the common keys stated above there is also a Window key or WINKEY which is known keyboard key shortcut for Windows.

WINKEY: When you press Windows key only it opens/ hides the start menu of Windows
WINKEY+F1: It displays the help section in Microsoft Windows
WINKEY+Pause / Break key: Open – System Properties window.
WINKEY+D: Hide/display the Microsoft Windows desktop
WINKEY+E: Opens- Microsoft Windows Explorer
WINKEY+F: Display the feature – Search/Find in Windows
WINKEY+Ctrl+F: It helps display search feature for your computers window.

Some other windows keyboard shortcuts

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