How to Customize Windows 10

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How to Customize Windows 10: Windows 10 is equipped with a series of options that enables you to customize windows 10 appearance by working with color accents, desktop backgrounds, custom lock and many other settings that helps you get a wonderful experience with Windows 10.

This article will help you learn how to customize Windows 10 appearance with simple steps.

How to Customize Windows 10

Change – Desktop background

You can add a little more to the aesthetics of your device by changing the desktop background using a set of images or custom image

  • Open – Settings
  • Click on the option – Personalization
  • Click- Background
  • You will see the drop down menu upon clicking background. Here choose the option – Picture
  • Click on the button- Browse and then select the respective image you wish to utilize.
  • With the help of the drop down menu – ‘Choose a fit’ select an appropriate option that matches the image including, span, stretch, fill, center etc.,


Customize windows 10 Color accent

You can change the color accent by following the steps stated below

  • Open- Settings
  • Next Click- Personalization
  • Click- Colors
  • Now choose the specific color accent you wish to apply
  • In case you don’t find the color of your choice from the given color scheme you can also select the button- Custom color to make a custom color with the help of the palette.


Customize windows 10 Lock Screen

Windows 10 has excellent feature that lets you personalize the lock screen as well with the help of custom image. Here is how you can accomplish the task

  • Open- Settings
  • Click – Personalization
  • Click – Lock screen
  • From the drop down menu that opens after clicking background select the option- Picture
  • Click on the button- Browse to search for the picture of your choice

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Customize windows 10 Theme

 A theme is a collection of more color accent, background images plus sounds. Here is how quickly you can apply a beautiful new theme in Windows 10. You can download new windows 10 theme here.

  • Open- Settings
  • Click – Personalization
  • Click –Themes
  • Click on the link– Get more themes in the Store
  • From the Microsoft store choose the theme you like and hit the get button.
  • Click- Launch button to revert to Themes settings
  • Click on theme that is added newly to apply it.


Customize windows 10 Start menu

Yes you can personalize start menu as well using these simple steps

  • Open- Settings
  • Click – Personalization
  • Click –Start
  • You will find a series of options that can be customized on the Start page


Customize windows 10  Taskbar

There are different methods that you can use to customize your taskbar in Windows 10. Also there are many options that can be customized available through taskbar.

  • Open- Settings
  • Click – Personalization
  • Click –Taskbar
  • On this page (taskbar) you can choose to lock your taskbar, hide taskbar in desktop and tablet mode, make use of small buttons on the taskbar, display badges on the taskbar buttons.


You can easily enhance your experience with Windows 10 by customizing it in different ways.

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