How to Delete Xbox Account

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How to delete Xbox account: Many people use Xbox and own an Xbox account as they love playing Microsoft games. If you are using Xbox then having Xbox accounts can be quite helpful to play Microsoft games on various platforms like Windows for PC and Windows for mobile.

In case you don’t need an Xbox account any more then certainly you wish to delete it to be able to stop all the activities related to it and no one else can access it when you are not using it.

Well, Xbox accounts are actually not similar to your Microsoft account. Actually they are not considered as individual accounts and are associated with the Microsoft accounts they are linked to. Due to this factor it becomes difficult for the Xbox account users to delete their accounts individually. They have to delete their Microsoft account linked to that Xbox account to delete Xbox account completely.

How to delete Xbox account

Now let us understand how to delete Xbox account by deleting your Microsoft account:

  1. Click – Here and then sign in with Microsoft account for the Xbox account you wish to delete and is linked with including its password.
  2. Click – Security visible in toolbar located at the top of webpage.
  3. Click on – more security options located right at the bottom of webpage.
  4. You may be prompted by Microsoft for account password – In case you get the message just enter your password. You may also receive a security code from Microsoft on your phone number/email – In case you get the code just enter it.
  5. Click on – More security settings.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click on – Close my account.
  7. Check the things displayed by Microsoft for you to do prior to closing the account. Once done just click – Next.
  8. The next page will display check boxes that you need to click only after you read them carefully and understood them.
  9. On the bottom of the page, click on – Mark account for closure. After you are done with that it will be considered that you know that there is a period of 60 days you can access your Microsoft account before it is deleted permanently.

You are done. You need to wait for next 60 days for your Microsoft account to get permanently deleted and also your Xbox account will no longer exist after that period.

Yes, it is little weird to delete your Microsoft account simply to get rid of Xbox account but unfortunately this is the only method you can use to remove your Xbox account permanently.

Remember after you close the Microsoft account you will have access to your account for next 60 days along with access to products and services offered by Microsoft. But, after 60 days you will not only lose access to your Microsoft completely but also to its products and services. Make sure you have a back up for your data stored on Microsoft account before you delete it completely to delete Xbox account.

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