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Halo PC download: Halo series remains on the list of top must have games for all FPS hardcore gamers. You can find it with lots of mention on the internet. It is because of its absolutely perfect gaming with an amazing storyline that you can afford to miss out on.

If you want to enjoy the game on a bigger screen like your PC this article will help you learn how to download and install Halo for PC. Your system just needs to meet the requirement of the Halo game.

Downloading and installing Halo for your PC

Prior to learning about how to download & install Halo for your PC, you must learn whether your Windows PC meets the below mentioned system requirements

  • Operating system – Microsoft Windows Second Edition, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 2000.
  • Computer/Processor – 733 megahertz
  • Memory: 128 megabytes of RAM
  • DirectX: DirectX® 9.0/ later
  • Hard Disk: 1.2 gigabytes of free space on hard disk
  • CD: 8X.
  • Video card: 32 MB plus 3D Transform & Lighting capable.
  • 6 Kilobytes per second modem/10 MB network adapter. Multiplayer servers need broadband in order to run the server.
  • Sound: Sound card headphones with multiplayer play or speakers.
  • Also, you need an Internet Service provider (ISP)/Local Area Network, in case you wish to play games that are multi-player games.


If your PC meets all the requirements mentioned above you are good to go.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to proceed with the download and install process

  • Download halo here
  • As the file is quite huge you would need a download booster to enhance the download speed. It will then take less time as compared to normal download.
  • Once the download process is over, just double click on Halo installer to begin with installation.
  • Now select a folder where you wish to save the Halo installer. You can also save it in Program Files folder.
  • Now be patient and let the installation finish.
  • Now go to your desktop area where you will find the Halo icon. You just need to double click on Halo icon to start playing.


It will be certainly an exciting gaming experience on PC. You will be ready to enjoy Halo on a bigger screen. No matter if you are a newbie to the game or an experienced player of the game, enjoying the game on PC will give you more enjoyment and you can play with your friends to add more to the fun.

The process is simple and you can try to download and install the game on your own on PC. As the game starts you will find an altogether different experience on PC. You would love playing Halo on PC.

About Halo:

  • Author: Microsoft Studio
  • Platform of origin: Xbox
  • First Release: 15-nov-2001 (Halo: Combat Evolved)
  • Latest Realse: 21-Feb-2017 (Halo wars 2)

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