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PUBG Maps: PUBG is tops the list of popular games. As the game is available on different platforms almost everyone can enjoy from any device. The game has been further improved and there are PUBG maps available in all mobile versions at present. In this article you will learn about the PUBG Maps.


1. Erangel

It is basically Player unknown’s daughter and it is just an imaginative island in PUBG which is located in Russia. The Island became the central location to test different weapons and chemical as well as biological experiments especially for Military.

When the local residents were rebellious against the tests and experiments that took place in the Island it resulted in a war between the military and local residents.

You can still see school, hospital and military bases on the map.

The major cities seen in Erangel are – Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Novorepnoye, Georgopol

The Map is scattered in 8*8kms which includes grass patches, trees in some places. The map is perfect place for powerful plays.

To travel all around this map faster you need vehicles. You will find both waterways and roadways vehicles.


2. Miramar

PUBG has no details about Miramar’s history. The Map is surrounded by a huge waterbody. The name itself suggests ‘Sea View’ which indicates that the map is surrounded by a large sea with a lot of beaches visible around.

There are cities based on Spanish and Mexican themes surrounding the map.

The major cities of Miramar are

  • Valle del Mar
  • Los Leones
  • Nuevo and San Martin
  • Chumacera
  • El Pozo
  • La Cobreria

The dimensions of Miramar are 8*8 kms and it comprise of irregular terrains and structures all around. If you are good at snipping then this map is ideal for you during the game play.

Guns available in Miramar are

  • Shot Guns
  • Groza, M16A4
  • AUG


3. Loot places on PUBG Map

On Miramar Map there are 3 loot areas to discover and you need to be alert in such areas as others players are aggressive during the beginning of the game

  • Prison: The prison is situated in the map on south-west corner which is a place far from the areas that are filled with action. It is the best place for those players who are searching for weapons that based on loot.
  • Camp Militar: It is situated on the north east corner and you need to travel a lot to reach here in case you are willing to use parachute to reach the central area.
  • Pecado: It is full of best of loot but it is highly competitive in the initial stages of the game play as it is centrally located on the map. Very few players actually reach the centre.

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If you want to stock up right in the beginning of the game then it is always better to opt for parachuting to reach the loot spots. Certainly, it is a risky to encounter strong competition as a lot of players will be reaching the same spot.

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