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Windows media player helps the users play audio tracks and videos and also you can create playlist with all your favourite songs or a library to pick files of your choice faster.

It is a media player loaded with a lot of features and comes with all Windows version. You can download the application for free via Microsoft website.

It is basically known as Media Player.


Windows media player works in two modes that is playing mode and player library. Through player library mode you can access a lot of features of media player and playing mode offers the simple view of your media.

It is not just a media player but also offers broadcasts from radio station using the internet. You can also search and organize your media files present on your hard drive.

It not only helps playing CDs or DVDs but can also help you make custom CDs and copy necessary files to any portable device. It rips music from CDs and DVDs and aids synchronization of content with different devices.

Windows media player is free

Windows media player is absolutely free for those who are using Windows OS. You can also organize your video/audio files using this player in different categories like year, album, rating, genre etc.

The biggest advantage of Windows media player is that it can help create playlists. Talking about Windows media player 9 it aids enhanced encoding. You can easily capture media and encode it from different devices such as cameras with the help of Windows media player.

If you are someone who loves moving creation then Windows media player makes it possible for you which are not available with most media players.

If you are thinking about Windows media player 11 which is compatible for older versions of Windows only has its own set of features.

Windows media player is easy to use and comprises of features that help you organize files in a better way. It is an audio and video player from the period when Microsoft XP was in demand. Many people use this Windows media player to watch older file formats like AVI. You can create library with this media player and also change the names of files in library with a different name.

It is very easy to copy the library through this program, but installation of Windows media player 11 can be a cumbersome task as it has some validation problems but there are solutions available to rectify the issues by browsing through forums.

Effective for older devices

Windows media player 11 has been taken over by version 12 of Windows 7 OS, but when you own older OS then Windows media player 11 is quite effective. It will be convenient to play old file formats.

How to download & install windows media player

  • Download here .exe file
  • Double click on .exe file
  • Now click on install and wait for completion
  • Create shortcut icon on desktop

So, next time if you have any old file that you can’t view on any other media player, then try to open it in Windows media player 11 that will help you view the file easily.

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