How to Edit Photo in Windows 10

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How to edit photo in Windows 10: The Photo app that comes with Windows 10 presents various options for you to make your videos and photos look stunning as per your requirements. Using the Photo App in Windows 10 it becomes easy to rotate, crop, filter your photos automatically. Here is how you can do it

3 Ways to Edit Photo in Windows 10

1. Using built-in Photo App

On taskbar, in your search box just type photos and you will need to select – Photos. Now select the particular photo you wish to edit.

  • Firstly, select – Edit & Create located on the top of the screen
  • Select- Edit and now choose – Crop & rotate/Adjustments.
  • Use the features to edit clarity, color or to eliminate red eyes.


Note: To initiate small changes/give finish touch to blemishes just select- Edit & CreateAdjustments. Now select – Red eye/Spot fix

In order to unleash some more creative features select – Edit & Create and later choose – Add 3D effects/Edit with Paint 3D

2. Explore a little more and get creative with videos and photos

You can get a little more create with the photos or videos you want to edit. You can give personal touch to your memorable moments by drawing videos and photos.

To begin, open – photo/video that you wish to improve

  • Select – Edit & Create located at the screen top
  • Select – Draw and then choose any one of the 3 drawing tools present in the toolbar
  • Proceed to draw on your photo and do not bother even if you mess it up. You have the scope to delete the marking you want to remove using Eraser tool. You can also clear the entire drawing with the help of Eraser located at the top of your photo and now – Erase all link


3. Using Microsoft Paint

The Microsoft Paint & Photos comprise of amazing editing tool that lets you touch, cut, and crop or resize your photo. You don’t have to actually download any external editor to carry out simple and basic tasks.

Edit photo with paint

  • Right click on image you want to edit
  • Select open with paint
  • Here you will get photo editing tools like insert text, color, crop, resize, rotate etc
  • Select the tool you need and edit the photo
  • Press ctrl+S to save the changes

Well, whether you need to buy a professional (Pro) or not completely depends on your editing needs. While looking at pro editing software you need to consider the cost factor and whether the features are worth the price. You can buy new pro editing software based by looking at some reasons to buy and not to buy

Look at the amazing features, cross platform functionality, assists virtual reality, comprises of regular updates. The reasons that you can look at for not buying the pro editing software are

  • Not worth the subscription price
  • Needs a high tech PC

If you are someone who takes editing seriously and wish to reach to another level of creativity then you should buy professional editing software. If you just want some basic editions then Microsoft inbuilt editing software is the right one for you.

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There are different options available when it comes to video editing on your Windows 10 and works best for your photo and video editing needs. So, make sure you understand your editing needs and buy software accordingly.

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