Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts

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Google search keyboard shortcuts: The most interesting thing that Google offers for all smart phone users is the facility to key in the count of search results rather than manually selecting it. On the other hand for desktop users the facility is not available and you can’t see the count of search results and there are no google search keyboard shortcuts either to help you do things faster.


Google search shortcuts

Google search keyboard shortcuts for Firefox Addon

The add-on helps you search on Google with the help of below listed keys.

Up Select the previous Result
Down Select the next result
Enter Open the selected result
Ctrl+Enter Open the result in a new tab
Left Previous Page
Right Next Page
Left Previous page
Right Next page


Google search keyboards shortcuts – Grease monkey scripts

The script aids advancement in Google keyboard shortcuts and makes the navigation between search engines easier and quicker using the following set of keys.

Another useful tutorial: Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Esc Positions the focus directly to the text area
Alt+N Jump to news search that is supplied by a similar search vendor
Alt+W Jump to web search offered by a similar search vendor
Alt+/ Navigate between the two search engines – yahoo & Google search
Alt+Down Display the next page
Alt+Up Display the previous page


You will find the search results with digits right in front of search title. The pattern follows for the initially for the 10 results on a result page so it is always better to go with default count of search results that is 10.

The Google search keyboard shortcuts available are the scripts that insert numbers to SERPs and come with very easy shortcuts

n – Head to next page
p – Head to the previous page
e – Select – query to modify it
a – To include something to a search query

Learning the Google search shortcuts will certainly help you do things faster and make you proficient with keyboard as well. Some of the common keyboard shortcuts would save your time.

Using Google keyboard shortcuts certainly reduces the usage of mouse. Many people who use computer most of time in a day prefer using keyboard shortcuts as they are easy to give command to the computer. These google search shortcuts are easy as you don’t need to drag the mouse to do the same function. The shortcuts are easy to use and you can give faster inputs to the computer. Initially you may not find it easy but once you get used to it, your fingers and brain will be trained to provide the required input through keyboard.

You need to spend some time to master the shortcuts, but it makes your work easier and faster in the long run. As we have to switch to Google for most of the things we need at workplace or at home, learning the google keyboard shortcuts can be a better option. You can complete the work easily within less time and correct the things right away. Spend some time to learn the google search shortcuts so that you enjoy easy search and navigation.

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