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Chrome Shortcut Keys: Imagine how easy it would be to navigate through Google Chrome for research much faster. Of course it would make your work easy and you would love searching at a faster pace. Yes, you can do your research using some simple chrome keyboard shortcuts. Well, there are many but you just need to learn some of them that you use often.

Some Basic Chrome Shortcut Keys

Here are some of the basic Google chrome shortcut keys that will make you more faster.

1. Opening a new tab

In order to open completely new tab simply follow the Chrome keyboards shortcuts given below

  • For MAC: Hold Command and then press T
  • For Windows: Hold ctrl and then press T


2. Close a current tab

Now you don’t need to click on the little x on the top right corner of the browser. Instead you can follow the Chrome keyboard shortcut

  • For MAC: Hold Command and then press W
  • For Windows: Hold ctrl and then press W

3. Open the last closed tab again

It is really irritating when you accidentally close the tab that was open and you still need it open. In that case the following Chrome keyboard shortcut can help you re-open it

  • For MAC: Hold Command + Shift and press T to reopen it faster
  • For Windows: Hold ctrl + shift and press T

4. To open an additional tab

  • For MAC: Hold command plus option and then press – right arrow key
  • For Windows: Hold ctrl and then press tab

5. View the previous tab

You can also move to the previous tab by using the following Chrome shortcut keys.

  • For MAC: Hold Command plus option and press – left arrow key
  • For Windows: Hold ctrl and then press 9

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6. Move to a particular tab

If you have many tabs open on your browser and you need to go to a particular tab – hold – Command and then choose the relevant number (that is the tab number).  For example if you want to move to 5th tab that is open on your browser, hold- command and then simply press 5.


7. Opening a text which is hyperlinked in a different tab

If you are reading any article and come across text that is hyperlinked, to view the hyperlinked text in a new tab hold- command and just click the link.


8. Opening a text which is hyperlinked in a different window

In case you wish to open a particular link in a different window simply hold – Shift and then click the specific link.

9. How to put cursor right in the search bar

It is sometimes really frustrating to use your mouse and drag it to bring in the cursor right in the search bar. You can just hold- command and then press – L to place the cursor directly in the search bar.

10. Delete the existing search  

If there is something gone wrong with your existing search like you mistype the URL or something and want to delete it so that you can correct it again, then hold- command and then press- delete. For computers- hold ctrl and then press- Backspace.


These Chrome keyboard shortcuts can improve your navigation on Google and help you do things faster.

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