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Android File Transfer Windows: When it comes to manage your Android phone there are couple of easy methods that you can adopt to accomplish the task. Android file transfer windows actually tries to the make the process to manage your Android phone much easier with the help of a series of features. For beginners sometimes it becomes easy to handle the complicated smart phone type and manage file, back up data or install new apps.


Android file transfer Windows features

Android File Transfer Windows: One stop destination

Android file transfer windows comes with a user friendly interface that offers simple instructions for transfer. It makes the entire process of maintaining Android super easy just like an iPhone. If you are not well versed with APK file or OS then this software can be a perfect option for you. The features comprises of the facility to back up your data, install latest apps, apply different custom themes and organize different types of music files and all this can be easily handled even without any previous experience.

Android file transfer for windows can also let you install custom features like connecting your phone to your PC through a WiFi network.

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Android File Transfer Windows: Excellent for beginners

Android file transfer for windows is an excellent option for newbies who have just started knowing about the system.  With the software it is very easy to backup your data present on Android to your Windows PC and you can back up data of over 9 different types on your Android phone.

The Android transfer not only helps you to easily transfer the files from your Android to Windows PC but it also lets you sync data from PC to Android. You can easily transfer the applications, contacts, images, videos, messages etc from your Windows PC to Android device. Moreover, you can also synchronize contacts present on outlook express, vCard files, Windows Live mail, Windows address book, Outlook- 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and also import your iTunes playlists directly to your Android.

Basically there are 2 methods to connect the Android device with the PC suite. Firstly via USB cable and second is through WiFi. It is easy to transfer files from PC to Android and Android to your PC using WiFi as it needs only one step to connect the device to your PC. You can scan the QR code available on Android WiFi file transfer with the help of software. Apart from transferring files from PC to Android the Android WiFi sync manager also helps you to transfer the files easily from one Android to another with the help of WiFi or USB cable.

So the entire process of file transfer becomes easy and you don’t have to worry about losing your data. You can learn to use this software as it’s easy and reliable. It is also compatible with iOS phone and latest models of tablets too. The process of file transfer is simplified and you get all your files transferred without any hassles. It is indeed the simplest option for file transfer.

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