How to Change Language in Google and Chrome

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How to change language in Google and Chrome: If you are thinking to change language in Google then it is pretty simple. When it comes to change language in Google Chrome it is quite easy, but it won’t change the language you get to view in Keep, YouTube, Drive or other Google’s Apps.


How to Change Language in Google

In case you signed up for a new Google account while staying in a foreign country and it is absolutely a task to understand the local language there or you are trying to understand the language then you may want to change the language on Google to make things easier and comprehensive. To change language in Google you can follow the steps as mentioned below

Change language in Google account

  • Head to
  • Type in your login details for Google account and click – Sign in
  • On the home screen of Google account choose – Account preferences.
  • On the screen’s left hand side panel, scroll down to reach – language and Input Tools and then click the link.
  • Click – Language
  • The first thing you need to do is set up the –“Default Language” you prefer. Click the pencil icon to view the options available and now highlight the language you prefer and then click – Select to apply the changes.
  • Next, you need to basically set up – “other languages that you understand”. In case you find some content naturally present in the language, Google will not transform it to the default language you selected.

All the services from Google will now be displayed in the language you have selected. You may need to log out of your account and log in again to see the changes.

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Change language in chrome

Once you are done with adding the language of your choice you will surely want to see how Chrome will start using that language.

Here is how to change language chrome

  • Follow the step from above steps that takes you to language settings.
  • Click the menu button located on the right hand side of desired language which is shown in three vertical dots.
  • Now scroll down to language setting and click on it
  • Click on Add language (Language you want)
  • Now click on 3 vertical dots (Just right to language)
  • You will see a pop up. Select the very first box to – “Display Google Chrome in this language.
  • Here you can see the relaunch button besides the language. You need to relaunch to see the changes.

Now when a new language is activated, when you browse a page or a website in the selected language, the pop up for Google translation will not be visible. In case if you select to view Chrome in say French, Google translate will not be visible say when you browse Amazon portal for France.

In case you still wish to see Google translate then you need to visit the page available in same language which is used to show Chrome, you need to head to Chrome’s language settings and click the menu besides language you desire. Make sure that you check the box named as – “Offer to translate pages in this language “

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