How to Change WiFi Password

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How to Change WiFi Password: When it comes to keeping the interconnectivity of the devices, there is no doubt that a Wi-Fi router is the best one. You can access internet connectivity through your smartphones, tablets, laptops and other wireless devices, all through Wi-Fi router. All you need to do is access the device by keying in the password. Now, here is why it is important to make sure that your Wi-Fi password remains protected.

In this digital era where everything is accessible, it is highly imperative to keep changing the wifi password. Also, changing the wifi password will prevent stealthy neighbors to hack into your Wi-Fi  network. In this article, we are going to help you change WiFi password. It is always better to keep changing WiFi password periodically to ensure that no one gets access to your network.


Steps to Change WiFi Password

The first step is to open the configuration page of the router and you will be able to access the router configuration page through the web browser. If you are not able to connect through Wi-Fi because you are not aware of the password, then you can use the Ethernet cable for connecting the computer directly with the router.


  1. Open the default web browser on your desktop/laptop.
  2. There are standard IP addresses which lets you access the router configuration page –,,, or for Apple or for Xfinity

  1. Enter the IP address into the address bar of the browser.
  2. If all these above IP addresses don’t let you get access into the configuration page, then open the command prompt by pressing the Windows key+R and then entering cmd.
  3. Once the command prompt opens, then you have to type ipconfig and then press Enter.
  4. Now, you have to look for the active connections within the list and look for Default Gateway. This is the router address.

change wifi password


Note: If nothing else works, then you can just long-press and hold the reset button within the router for a few seconds (around 30 seconds). The router will go back to the default factory settings. Check up the default address for the router model and then enter it into the browser.

how to change wifi password

There are some routers that come with default configuration software. If you have installed the configuration software, you will be able to use that instead of the web browser interface.


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  1. Then you have to enter the username and password of the router. Every router needs a unique username and password before accessing the backend. If there has been no change in the password before, then the username is going to be admin/userAdmin and the password is going to be “admin” or “password”. This might vary from one router model to another; and this is why you need to search your model to know the exact login info.

change wifi password windows 10

  1. If there has been a change in password or you have received a second-hand password, then you can reset it in the same way as mentioned above (by pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds). This will bring the router back to the default settings and you can now login with the default username and password.
  2. Now, you have to open the Wireless section or tab. When you are logged into the router, you have to find the wireless section present in the configuration page. The page name could be “Wireless Settings” as well. If there are multiple sections, click on the “Wireless Security” page.


  1. This is the page to change the Wi-Fi password. Look for the box labeled as “Password” or “Shared Key” or “Passpharase”. You will be able to enter a new password within the box. There are some routers that will need you to retype the password to make sure that you have entered it correctly.
  2. Try creating a strong password that is difficult or rather impossible to guess. Make sure that there is no personal information, include special characters. and also include numbers. In general, a strong password is at least 8 characters long.
  3. There are three types of wireless encryptions that include WEP, WPA, and WPA2. For a secure network, you shall have to use WPA2. You might run into different issues that connect older devices but you can also shift to devices with WPA or APA/WPA2. WEP is not recommended because the encryption is easy to break.

wifi password change


  1. Take a few moments to change the network name as well. The name shouldn’t include any personal identification number, because the name is publicly displayed. It will also prevent other people from trying to break in.
  2. Once the password is changed, click on “Apply and Save”. This button is different for every router but most of the time, it is present at the top or bottom of the page. The device will take a few moments to process the changes.
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