How to Disable Pop Up Blocker on Safari

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How to disable pop up blocker on Safari: Pop-up windows have really been annoying and web users do not like to have them. As some of the pop ups are there with a purpose the new browsers help you to suppress them from popping up again.

You will find this amazing pop-up block feature integrated in the browser- Apple Safari and is available on both Mac and Windows operating systems for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Methods to Disable Pop Up Blocker on Safari

Block/unblock all websites – Disable pop up blocker on safari for Mac OS

  • Choose – Safari> Preferences and then select – Websites on the top of our window.
  • On the left side select- Pop up Windows
  • From the drop down menu select – When visiting other websites for one of the following options
  • Block and Notify
  • Block
  • Allow

How to disable pop up blocker on Safari


Block/Unblock single website to disable pop up blocker on safari

  • Go to the website you want to disable/enable
  • Choose – Safari>Preferences
  • On the top of your window choose – Websites
  • On the left hand side choose – Pop up Windows
  • You will find the website listed there for which you can choose a setting from the drop down menu
  • Block and Notify
  • Block
  • Allow

When you set Safari to – “Block and Notify” you can enable popup windows after blocked by selecting 2 boxes present in address bar.

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How to disable pop up blocker on safari for iPhone/iPad version

  • On your home screen choose – Settings
  • Select- Safari

safari pop up blocker iphone

  • You can use the slider to turn the “Block Pop-ups” ON/OFF to enable/disable it.

how to disable pop up blocker on mac safari


Safari Pop up blocker Settings in Windows

Apple actually discontinued the browser Safari on Windows. The last version of Safari available on Windows was Safari 5.7.1. In case you are still using Safari on your computer then the steps given below can help you disable Pop-up windows

  • You can see a gear icon on Safari browser window on top right
  • Open that menu and click on option that says – Block Pop-up Windows

Mainly the pop-up windows comprise of advertising and some sites utilize them for some genuine purpose. For instance, some WordPress based sites launch a dialog box for file-upload in a specific pop up window and also some banking sites show various things in pop-ups like check images.

The behavior of pop up blocker in Safari is quite strict. You will find the need to disable the Safari pop up blocker to view the important pop-up. On the other hand you can install some plug-in that easily halts tracking and also pop ups in a particular manner that provides you better control over how you manage your browsing session or preferred websites.

When you choose to block pop ups containing ads it helps you stop seeing the advertisements. Apart from this it helps load the website faster, you will be using less data, downloading ads in Safari consumes a lot of your battery power. So, blocking them certainly help save battery power and improve battery life.

The above mentioned simple steps can help you restrict the access to unwanted pop-ups that contain ads in Safari browser. It will certainly reduce the frustration you get watching ads.

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