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Mac recovery mode: Most of the users have found that their Mac computers are performing their functions without causing any issue. However, as any other computer systems, Macs have also a chance of showing some problems. You can find an effect on the performance standard. To solve these issues, you can find Mac PC with Recovery mode. Recovery Partition of mac OS refers to the troubleshooting utilities, one of the parts of an integrated recovery system.


The Utilities of Mac Recovery Mode

  • Reinstallation of mac OS for restoring mac OS to the original state
  • Set the Mac firmware password for better security
  • Restoration from the backup of Time Machine
  • Access Disk Utility for removing and repairing the startup disk
  • Erasing the personal data at the time of selling Mac computer

When you think of having a full restart in Internet Recovery or Regular Recovery Mode, it is essential to clean your Mac thoroughly. You can do it before rebooting or restarting the system to enjoy faster performance. The best apps to clean Mac can remove more than 70 GB of junk files of a Mac computer.



Mac recovery Mode- Steps for entering it

  • Hit the option- Restart from Apple menu
  • By restarting Mac, you have to press the key combinations, Command (⌘) – R. Continue holding those keys until you have found the logo on the screen.

While you use a Mac notebook, you have to hit the keys present on the integrated keyboard. Wait and see the window of mac OS Utilities on the screen.

When you have found the login window, you have not pressed the combination of keys early. That is why your mac OS would start booting in regular mode. You can restart the Mac system to try once more.


Based on the activities to be done with your mac OS Recovery mode, you can choose different key combinations for the startup- 

Option + Command + R

This key combination is applicable while you think of upgrading the mac OS version, compatible with Mac.


Command + R

It is another key combination, useful for those who need to install the latest mac OS version. The most important thing is that when you need to sell away the Mac PC, using the OS X El Capitan, you can choose the key combination Command-R – It ensures that the installation has no connection to Apple ID.


Shift + Option + Command + R

It will install the mac OS version, available with Mac computer.


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Internet Versus Standard Mac Recovery Mode

Internet Recovery helps in starting up the Mac computer directly from the server of Apple. It performs its memory test and hard drive test for finding out the issues of hardware. While there is no boot sector on the startup volume, the Mac computer can enter this mode automatically.

For the manual access to Internet Recovery, you can turn on the power of Mac. Then, you have to press the key combination Command (⌘) – Option (⌥) – R. While the screen displays an animated globe, you may release these keys.


You can find a message, revealing that the system would take time to start Internet Recovery. You have to link to the wireless network if you have not connected your Mac to the Internet through Ethernet port. There is a need for network connection for Internet Recovery, as you have to be online for downloading a recovery image.


Now, you can try our tips for starting up your Mac PC in Recovery Mode. This special mode helps in loading the recovery tools of Mac. While other ways do not work for Mac recovery, Mac recovery Mode is the right option for diagnosing disk-related issues.

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