How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows

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How to password protect a folder: The best way to prevent someone else gain access to your folder or files in Windows 10 is to password protect the folder/files. Sadly, Windows doesn’t provide any reliable method to include password protection to the folders. Still, nothing to worry as some easy methods can help you password protect your folder in Windows. Let us learn how to password protect a folder.

Password Protect a Folder

How to Password protect a folder using Built-in Encryption

Windows comprises of built-in encryption that enables protection of your folder including the embedded content from a third person or content circulated on a shared network.

Well, encryption feature is available for Enterprise and professional version of Windows only.

  • Right click on the particular folder you wish to encrypt and choose – Properties present in context menu.
  • Now, under –General tab, click on- Advanced.
  • You will see a checkbox right next to the option – “Encrypt contents to secure data, just check that box.
  • Click – OK
  • You will again get a message to confirm.
  • Once you confirm the folder will get encrypted
  • When the color of the folder turns green it means the folder is encrypted.

Now the encrypted folder can be accessed by you and no one else when you are signed into your Windows account. Others users who try to access your account would need to provide password. In case if you are logged in to your Windows account, then others can access your folder.

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Why you need to password protect your folder/files?

Of course, if you allow others access your PC, accidentally they may delete your important documents or may edit important files. Once you password protect a folder/file that has your important documents in it, even if you share your PC with others, it will not be an issue for you to lose your important data. The only thing required is that you will have to enter the password you use to protect it every time you try to open the folder. But, certainly that is much better than losing important data etc.

It is always recommended to use strong passwords to protect your folder. It is better to protect entire folder than to protect just a single file.

You can also use third party software to protect your folder. There are chances that you may forget your password and the third party software you are using also got corrupted. To avoid such situations make sure you back up your data regularly. Use password manager so that you don’t get into such situations.

Third party software certainly helps especially when you are using the Window version that doesn’t include a password protecting method for your folders and files. You can also use encryption method as mentioned above. Make sure you do not use weak passwords that others can guess easily and try not to type in the password when someone is around.

Your data is important and you would never want anyone else to access it and edit/delete it intentionally or unintentionally. Just keep your folder and files secure.

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