How to Search for an Image on Google?

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There’s a reason why Google is one of the world’s most well-employed and highest-earning search engine companies. People flock to Google to get data and resources and images of all kinds.

But how do you search for an image on Google effectively? What should you know about searching images on Google on different platforms?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how to search for an image on Google.

How to Search for an Image on Google: Two Ways

When it comes to how to search for an image on Google, there are actually two main methods. The first is through the regular Google search bar.

To search for an image through the default Google search tool, you’ll have to navigate to your Google shortcut or find Google through another search engine. Type in whatever keyword or phrase you want for your image.

Once you hit “search” or click the magnifying glass icon, you’ll see all the search results, whether it’s articles, news, videos, or in our case, images. Click the “Images” option on the top row underneath the search engine.

Here, you’ll find all the images that Google associates with your search term.

Another way to find images on Google is through the link. This is a search engine tool specifically made for images, as the only difference is you get taken straight to the images results after hitting “enter.”

Whichever way you choose to search for your image, Google provides thumbnails that you can expand for each image search result. Here, you can either copy or download the image, or go to its source website.

Performing Google Image Search on Mobile Device

But what if you’re not on a desktop? No worries. Finding images on your mobile device is just as robust as on a computer.

The process is basically the same. The only difference is that iOS users can navigate to the default Safari app to get to either the Google search bar or the Images search tool. Android users will instead use the Google app.

Once you find your search tool, however, you can enter whatever keyword you need for your image and Google should show you a grid of different image search results. Click on them to download or copy the images.

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What to Do With Google Image Results

There is a myriad of ways you can use your Google image results after searching for them. For starters, you can download the images on your phone or on your hard drive.

You can also just copy and paste them onto your texts or Facebook messages. Those looking to edit or create new images can use a photo background remover once they source the image to turn into a PNG.

How to Search for an Image on Google the Right Way

When looking at how to search for an image on Google, it’s actually pretty simple. Use this guide to help you understand what goes into searching for images on the world’s largest platform.

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