How to Unlock iCloud

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How to Unlock iCloud: When your iCloud is locked on our iPhone it means no matter how much you had spared to buy the second hand iPhone the owner of the phone has still not given you the access to use it. This can be done by keeping iCloud account locked on the device which doesn’t let you log into iPhone.

The only option to get this issue resolved is to simply get iCloud account unlocked. It will erase the details of the owner’s account from the phone and help you open your new account on iPhone which means you can start sending messages, making calla and use apps too. How to unlock iCloud will be illustrated in this article

How to Unlock iCloud

Unlock iCloud using settings

  • Start the settings on iPhone via apps drawer
  • Next tap – WiFi
  • Click on – “I” which can be found besides WiFi network to which you wish to connect
  • Erase the DNS settings and type in new based on your location.
  • USA/North America:
    Other areas of America:
  • Asia:
  • Europe:
  • Tap – back and head to – Activation Help. Once bypass is over you will see a message – You have successfully connected to my server. This means you have unlocked iPhone successfully.

If you have been trying a couple of methods to unlock iCloud and it doesn’t work for you still there is hope. There are many services offered by different companies that claim that they can help you unlock iCloud when it is locked just by paying a small amount. It is not possible to make out which company is genuine and which are scams. So, if you are willing to use their services make sure you check their ratings and reviews before you pay them to unlock iCloud.

I will recommend the iPhoneIMEI

It is highly rated unlock service provider that is known for its legit services. They guarantee their services and also have a money back guarantee policy in case your iPhone doesn’t get unlocked.

How to unlock iCloud using 3rd party tool

You can also use a third party tool to carry out the process of unlocking iCloud on your iPhone. The third party applications like iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data eraser helps unlock iCloud account on your iPhone.

These third party applications are certainly helpful but again you need to go with ones that are highly rated and popular. They should have easy to follow instructions so that it becomes easy for you to get the right solution.

It can be annoying when you do not get to use your iPhone as iCloud account is locked. Make sure you opt for a safer and reliable option to unlock iCloud so that you get guaranteed results. It should unlock you iPhone and you should be able to make use of your iPhone and be able to send messages, make calls etc.

Do not fall in prey for some cheaper services with no ratings and reviews as it won’t deliver results that you expect.

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