How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

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Know how to find wifi password on iPhone: Your smart devices like iPhone are smart enough to remember the passwords. Well, finding the saved passwords from the sites visited becomes quite difficult for a number of users. There are some hacks available to help users get easy access to find WiFi password on iPhone without jailbreak.

Ways to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

1. Find WiFi password on iPhone using Router settings

This method may or may not work at times but it is worth trying once. Here is how you can do it

  • Home—SettingsWiFi on network you are currently connected to and then tap the tab – “I
  • Look at the router area and then scan and note down the IP address
  • In the new tab within Safari, just transfer IP address and then tap on enter button.
  • It will direct you the login in session of your router

To continue it is very important that you know the usernames and passwords of most of the routers by default is – admin. In case it doesn’t work, try to look for default password for the field XXXXX applicable for router model’s which you need to replace with the original model number of your router.

This will give you the original login details which can be utilized for router and you can continue with wireless setup/wireless settings based on router type to find the WiFi password.


2. Find WiFi password using iCloud keychain Sync

it is one of the best alternatives to view WiFi password on iPhone which sync the entire saved iCloud information along with WiFi passwords and login credentials over linked devices of Apple. Later you can see the WiFi passwords you need through Keychain app.

  • Go to home screen on your iPhone and head to SettingsiCloudKeychain and switch to iCloud keychain
  • Come back to the Settings and move to Personal hotspot- ON
  • Power the Mac
  • Connect your Mac through WiFi feature with Personal hotspot of your iPhone.
  • After it is connected successfully, you will be able to see the passwords.

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3. WiFi Passwords App to view saved wifi password

Head to home screen and continue to Cydia and look for Wi-Fi passwords. WiFi passwords is an app which is absolutely free and helps viewing WiFi passwords.

You need to install the app to get access to the WiFi passwords.

Wi-Fi passwords are used to safeguard the network users from getting attacked by malicious tasks that most hackers perform thus we all need secure networks even today. It is not easy though to remember the passwords you use for Wi-Fi hence you should know how to view them in case there is need for it. Whether or not your phone is jail broken, you should know how to retrieve the password. The article has stated regular ways to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone as well as via apps. There are many apps that help you retrieve Wi-Fi passwords if you do not wish to use the regular methods of retrieving Wi-Fi passwords. In case of apps you need to install them to use them.

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