How to Reset Chrome

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How to Reset Chrome: Out of the popular browsers available Chrome is believed to be one of the best browsers that most users rely on for flawless browsing experience. It has a lot of user-friendly features that enables you to use it the way you want. Like any other browser, Chrome also can leave you in a situation where it suddenly changes it appearance. For example you may get additional toolbar, the home page may be altered and you may get some other browser to search your results in and all this happens without your permission.

Thankfully, Chrome helps you restore it to its default settings and once again enjoy the seamless browsing experience. The process to reset chrome is quite simple and it will take just seconds to carry out the steps that can help you bring back your chrome to default settings. Your passwords and bookmarks won’t be erased or modified.

How to reset Chrome

  • Access your computer and Open – Chrome
  • To the top right corner click three vertical dots
  • In the drop down menu click on – Settings

reset chrome

  • At the bottom of your web page click the option- advanced settings.

chrome reset

  • Now at the bottom of the page, choose- Restore settings to their original defaults

chrome restart

  • You will get a confirmation window, simply select – Reset

restart chrome


Resetting chrome can be a worrisome decision for you as you don’t know what is going to happen.

Here is all that can happen while resetting Chrome

  • The custom homepage links will be removed
  • Installed themes and extensions will become inactive
  • In case the home page button is visible on the main toolbar of Chrome currently, it will be hidden again.
  • Any modifications done to chrome’s default search engine or other search engines installed will be restored to their normal state.
  • If there are tabs present for custom startup they will be erased.
  • The new tab page in chrome will be erased.
  • Cookies, browsing history, cache or any other website data will automatically be removed

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In case you are fine with the changes mentioned above you can choose to reset chrome browser.

Items can be recovered after resetting Chrome

Following items will be shared automatically with Google post resetting Chrome

  • User agent
  • Locale
  • Startup type
  • Chrome version
  • Installed extensions
  • Default search engine

So, in case you want to reset Chrome browser to resolve any issues, make sure you know about the changes made to the browser settings. Continue to reset only if you feel these changes won’t affect your work. It is always recommended that you take a back of the necessary data stored on your chrome browser before you decide to reset. This will ensure that you have nothing to lose even if you reset your chrome browser. You can easily restore the default settings of your browser and enjoy the browsing as earlier. Do not forget to take back up so that you can retain the important information after the reset. This way you don’t have to regret on your decision later.

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