How to Install Windows 10

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How to Install Windows 10: If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and want to upgrade to Windows 10, you need to have a disc. In many cases the users do not have an install disc and in such cases the OS can be upgraded through a download. Secondly, you won’t get a product key upon upgrading Windows 10, so you can just activate it post a clean install. Here is how you can install Windows 10.

Before starting the process of installation make sure you back up the documents on drive that you will be using in Windows 10 and also note the important serial numbers for particular applications that you would need post installation to re-install the apps.

Process to Install Windows 10

1. Upgrade to OS Windows 10

Without upgrading the installation and activating the OS you can’t carry out clean Windows 10 installation. This can be done in the following way.

  • Start—Settings – update Security – Activation

Towards the right hand side of the window this is what you should see now – Windows is activated. In case you don’t see this message then you must wait before going to the next step till Windows 10 is activated.

2. Confirm the current Windows version

You should know the version of Windows 10 that is currently is in use on your system.

Now search for – System and select the very first option to check which version of Windows you are using – 32 – bit/64- bit.

3. Download the tool – Windows 10 Media Creation

The download size for Windows 10 is nearly 2.5 GB and you need to copy it on a blank DVD/USB flash drive in order to carry out installation.

4. Run – Windows 10 Media Creation tool

Once the windows 10 download is over, connect USB flash drive to your computer’s DVD drive. Search for mediacreationtool.exe in the downloader folder and just double click on it to run the file.

You will see the Window that appears for Windows 10 set up and choose the option – Create installation media for another PC and then click on – Next button.

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5. Select the current Windows 10 version in use

On the following screen select the




32-bit /64 bit accordingly.

Click – Next

6. Select a storage device and the begin with the download

Select the specific device you will use to carry out Windows 10 installation. Click – Next

Select a folder on the computer/USB flash drive to save the set up files of Windows 10. Click – Next and the download for 4GB will start.

7. Start Windows 10 installation

Once you boot the system with the help of Windows 10 USB flash drive/DVD select the option- Install now and you will asked to provide product key for Windows 10 activation. Simply skip the step

8. Carry out a custom install

When you get prompted select the option – Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

This will remove all items existing on Windows 10 drive.

9. Select where you want to install

Select the partition on hard drive where you wish to install Windows 10. Click – Format, Click – OK and Click – Next

10. Complete the installation process

The set up process will begin now just complete the process.

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