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How to Transfer files from pc to pc windows 10: Buying a new Windows 10 PC is really exciting and you have your new system with all new hardware. The only thing you need to do is to transfer all your personal data from your old computer to new one. You can do it by using any of the 5 methods mentioned in this article.


5 Ways to Transfer Files from PC to PC Windows 10

1. Using external hard drive

With the help of an external hard drive you not only move your data from the old computer to new one but also create a backup of the data from emergency situation like system crash. You may feel that the process is manual and is time consuming but if you own an external drive it is always a better option to utilize it to store as well as transfer data.

2. Use Ethernet cable

It is one of the quickest ways to transfer files from your old PC to new one. Simply connect two computers to the network switch or you can also take a traverse Ethernet cable and allot a private IP address to both PC’s through similar subnet. Use the share wizard available in Windows to share folders.

3. Using Transfer Cable

Windows transfer cable can also be used to move your data between two computers. It may costs you a little approx $30. You will get 2 USB 3.0 male connectors and once you connect the two PCs the software itself will facilitate the data transfer between two PCs.

4. Using OneDrive

It is the simple method of data backup as well as data transfer. The cloud storage service offered by Microsoft gives you free storage space of 5GB upon opening a Microsoft account.

5 GB is not enough to move your data but you can also consider many other options that are quite affordable. Yes, you can purchase space of 50GB at just $2/month and 1TB costs just $7/month which comes along with office365 subscription.

Moving data from one PC to another needs a reliable internet connection and using cloud storage is a secure method of protecting your data online as compared to hard drives which are prone to failures.

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5. Using third party apps

You can transfer files from your PC to another PC bu using third party apps. There so many apps in market which can help you in this. Some of them are:

More and more people change their devices to upgrade to latest hardware. This helps them get the latest hardware, enhanced speed etc., when switching from one system to another the only concern is to move data safely to the new system. You may choose any of the above methods depending upon how much time you have to carry out the method and also the resources available with you.

Many people these days are using cloud storage for data storage and transfer so that they get complete data security. There is no risk of hard drive failures when you are using cloud storage service. You can easily retrieve data even if system crashes.

Make sure you transfer your data and also back up your data for future use. It helps you have a copy of your important data even when you change your system or face a system crash.


Video Tutorial for Softros PC to PC file Transfer

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