How to Factory Reset Windows 10

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How to Factory Reset Windows 10: Factory reset windows 10 can help you fix lot of issues related to Windows 10. In case you are finding problems with the speed of your machine which is not getting fixed, you are facing with malware that isn’t getting vanished then just try factory reset before you could move on to any other solution.

3 Ways Factory Reset Windows 10

1. Built-in option to factory reset windows 10

Microsoft has made the process of factory reset windows 10 simpler. Now you can do it easily.

  • Go to – Settings
  • Click- Update & Security
  • Click- Recovery
  • Click on the option- Reset this PC
  • Underneath you will see a button – Get Started. Click on that button.
  • You will be asked to choose from 2 options – keep my files or Remove everything. Remove everything will reset everything and bring back to default factory settings remove all the files.
  • After you pick the desired option simply click- Reset to initiate the process.


2. Using Advanced factory reset option

You can try this advanced method to reset Windows 10.

  • Go to – Settings
  • Click- Update & Security
  • Click – Recovery available under the section – Advanced startup

Else you can type in the start menu – Create a recovery file to use the tool that helps you create your own.

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3. Use Fresh start option available in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced a new option in Windows 10 Creators Update to enable factory reset option for your PC.

  • Go to – Settings
  • Click on – Update & Security
  • Click – Recovery
  • On this page click on the text link that says – Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows which can be seen right at the bottom.
  • It will show a window for Windows Defender Security Center (Know more) that will in turn direct you to Fresh Start option.
  • Click on – Get started to continue

Apart from the other methods used to factory reset Windows 10, Fresh start option helps keep personal data without any option that says remove files etc.,

Fresh Start option enables download of newest Windows 10 version while other regular methods utilizes the available recovery details available on the hard drive. It is supplied by the PC manufacturer or available in C:/Recovery folder in case you may have installed Windows by yourself.

Due to this Fresh start doesn’t create any mess thereby deleting non-standard apps in Windows which includes the bloat ware provided by manufacturer too.

Fresh Start actually keeps – some Windows settings without specifying which ones.

Fresh Start basically downloads an all new copy of the latest Windows version, keeps settings, files etc., on the other hand the regular method of factory reset will enable you to decide whether to keep the files, doesn’t save any of the settings and it reinstall Windows plus apps looking at the recovery partition.

The methods mentioned above can help you perform factory reset windows 10 in simple way. You can choose either of them that you find convenient for you.

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