How to Speed Up Laptop

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How to Speed Up Laptop: Windows 10 is certainly the most efficient operating system offered by Microsoft. It comes with a series of system resources and features. Sometimes you discover that the performance of your PC becomes little slow and there can be different reasons like hardware problem, temporary files, bloatware etc.,

This article will describe different ways to try out to speed up laptop and optimize windows 10 performance.

How to Speed Up Laptop

1. Speed up laptop by Checking all startup apps

Your computer can slow down due to a number of running tasks. You can check the start up programs by

  • Open- Task Manager
  • Click the tab- Start Up
  • Watch start up impact values closely to view each program for example – “High”. It helps you know which spot apps are making your system speed slow.
  • You can prevent a program before it launches upon logging in. Right click it and simply- Disable start App


2. Special effects should be disabled

You need to get your laptop back to the basic settings while using Windows 10. Below listed are steps

  • Open – Windows menu
  • Look for – System
  • Go to – Advanced settings
  • Select- Performance settings
  • Underneath the tab – Visual effects just click – Custom (a radio button)
  • Now you can simply uncheck the boxes that can be seen besides visual effects. Once you make the changes click- Apply.


3. Run – System Maintenance

Windows comes with built-in feature that carries out tasks related to routine maintenance like scanning to check updates, identifying malware, defragmenting hard drive etc.,

  • Open-Control Panel
  • Select- System and Security
  • Choose – Security and Maintenance
  • Before you continue save the open files.


4. By Upgrading RAM

You can enhance the speed of your Windows 10 by expanding the RAM.  Normally, to operate smoothly Windows 10 needs minimum 4GB of RAM.

So, the best you can do is to add more RAM. Your computer will be a fixed number of RAM slots that allow you to insert chips. To know the memory type your machine utilizes just follow the steps

  • Open- Task Manager
  • Click – Performance
  • It will show you the memory slots that are in use and what they are used for
  • You can install new RAM chips on your own.


5. Performing Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup which is a built-in feature in Windows 10 allow you to erase the temporary files that may be stored on your system.

You can access Disk cleanup by clicking on Windows menu and typing disk cleanup in search bar. You will be able to view the list of files to be deleted. You can just check the boxes against the files and then hit – ‘Clean up system files’ to start the process.


6. Delete unnecessary software to Optimize windows 10 performance

There are much software present on your PC offered by PC vendors and those are not necessary also termed as bloatware. You can just uninstall that software.

Above mentioned methods will definitely speed up laptop.

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