Windows 10 Free Upgrade 2018

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Windows 10 free upgrade 2018: Windows 10 is free OS available with Microsoft and you can easily upgrade your system to Windows 10 without paying anything. The only limitation is that this offer is available for users of – Windows 7/8.1/8.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade 2018

1. Using flash drive

  • Search for the copy of your Windows 7/8/8.1 as the key will be required for future use. In case you want to back up any data on your current system, this is the time to do it.
  • You need to create your Windows 10 installer and configure it with the hardware you like. In case you want to burn it onto a DVD/USB flash drive then utilize ISO file or also you can choose to install it via USB device. You should select 32/64 bit Windows versions.
  • Insert your installation media and simply restart your PC and hit key F2 to create separate boot priority. It will let the USB flash drive run before it boots into OS. Choose the DVD or drive to boot prior to main SDD or HDD.
  • Reboot your system once again
  • Upon completion of installation you will be prompted to enter the key. Enter the product key and hit – Next


2. Using upgrade assistant

  1. Download Windows update assistant
  2. Now double click the upgrade assistant and run it on your system. The upgrade assistant will scan your system, download and install Windows 10. Now follow the steps mentioned on your screen.

The entire process may take 1-2 hours based on the internet speed and PC configuration.

Downloading process for Windows 10 takes – 5-30 minutes


Note: Once you upgrade to Windows 10 you will find around 4GB of unnecessary data which includes your old windows files too. Do not rush to delete old Windows for at least 10 days because if you do not like it you can uninstall Windows 10 and get back to your old Windows version.

Now just go to – This PC and right click on – Local Disk Cdisk cleanupcleanup system filesOk

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Windows 10 comes with excellent features and many users are fond of this OS. There are many Windows users who still love the older versions of Windows like 7, 8 etc. Looking at the popularity of its older versions, Microsoft has enabled users to switch between the different versions of Windows.

So, even if you installed Windows 10 out of curiosity to check its features, you can use it for a couple of days and if you didn’t like it you can get back to the older version of Windows. You just need to keep the old Windows files on your system even after upgrading to Windows 10 so that you can get back to the older version anytime you wish to.

You can use Windows 10 for free to unleash its features as Microsoft wants all its users to experience their newly added features in Windows 10. Windows is the best operating system users utilize the most.

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