Windows 10 to Windows 7 Upgrade

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Windows 10 to windows 7 upgrade/downgrade: If you have downloaded your Windows 10 on the system and have tried experimenting with its new features, but then found it to be not the OS that’s made for you, then what should be done? Don’t worry as you can still downgrade from your Windows 10 to windows 7 operating system.

Based on how the Windows 10 is upgraded the process to downgrade to windows 7 can differ. The article will list different methods to downgrade to 7. Do not forget to save your important data before you carry out the downgrade 10.

Windows 10 to Windows 7 Upgrade

1. Using Settings App

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 using Windows update in last one month then Microsoft helps you reverse the action and get back your older version of Windows.

You can do this by downgrading to Windows 7 by following the steps given below

  • Open – Start Menu and look for Settings, open it
  • When you are in Settings app, look for Update & Security and just select it.
  • Select- Recovery
  • Select- Go back to Windows 7
  • Select the button- Get started and this will help you get your older Windows version back.

Note: While the switching process Microsoft will prompt you to ask the reason why you want to switch over to Windows 7 and you can just choose any of the reasons already mentioned or just leave a feedback. Once you are done simply click on- Next button.

As stated above if you have upgraded to Windows 10 more than past 30 days then the system won’t allow you to switch to old operating system.

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2. Using Bootable Disk

In case you have used a clean install of your Windows 10 OS or if the period of 30 days is over after you upgraded to Windows 10 or if you are willing to start all over again then the following method can help you install Windows 10.

The method mentioned below will help you downgrade Windows 10 install to you older version Windows 7

  • Search for the bootable disk or DVD of Windows 7.
  • Now insert the disc of Windows 7 into USB drive and then restart on the computer.
  • You should be confident that you are actually changing a booting process. Based on the manufacturer of your motherboard the key available to boot menu can differ. It is normally F2, F8, and F9.  You can also alter it by entering the BIOS settings.
  • Just press any key upon being prompted to press a key to start booting via USB/DVD drive.
  • You will get a screen as – Install Windows– where you will be prompted to choose language, time zone and time of your choice and input method or keyboard. Once you select the options click on – Next
  • Now the screen that appears will ask you to choose between upgrade & custom option. You should select custom option here.

Now your windows 7 is ready to use. Cheers

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