Chrome Password Manager

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Chrome Password Manager: We all love to use features like auto-fill or chrome password manager which is built-in features in many web browsers like Google Chrome or we may rely on third party software that helps us save time and you don’t need to remember your credentials for so many sites.

Chrome Password Manager

Google Chrome comes with inbuilt feature- Password Manager that helps sync between multiple devices. The introduction of Google Chrome 69 brought in better management of password and it also brought in password generator.

Initially, Google launched password manager which was a built-in feature which stored the passwords. Chrome now can easily recognize the credentials you filled for different fields on a site where your credentials were saved when you visited the site for the first time.

It can also create unique and secure passwords for you on a site and store it. So, you don’t have to remember password with Google Chrome Password Manager. You can see your passwords, addresses, credit cards and a lot of other saved information and can export the saved password into a csv file.

With Google Chrome the password autofill feature has become even better. Now, Chrome can help you fill/save password for any site you visit and wish to save password for. This feature has been improved with autofill updates.

When Chrome is fills all your necessary information, security concern may be a concern for you, but do not worry as a series of security layers  as well as security standards of web back the security of your information.

You can also sync the credentials across multiple devices by signing in to Chrome and you can access the devices where Chrome browser is installed.

The recent update to Password manager helps function on more websites than earlier. It becomes easy for you to save/auto-fill your passwords on all the websites you browse. Your data is absolutely safe with Google.

Apart from just saving passwords, Google Chrome Password manager also helps you to create passwords. You can just click- use suggested password and the password that is generated according to the password requirements like  a small and a capital letter, a number or a symbol etc,

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You don’t need to remember your new passwords and you can also check the saved passwords using main toolbar on Chrome and can export the passwords in CSV format.

Generate Strong Password Using Chrome Password Manager

Of course there are a lot of benefits using Password manager in chrome as it generates powerful passwords which are not prone to hacking.  As the users do not know the new password generated it offers security from fraud attacks. Certainly, you can view your password when you need it or if you have forgotten it.

It is like you don’t need to go through the lengthy process of entering your details on websites for example during online shopping or form filling. You can just save them for a particular site you visit often and save time the next time you wish to visit site as you don’t have to enter the details again.

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