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Dark mode Windows 10: Dark themes windows 10 are quite popular these days. One can easily turn the dark themes ON for any app or online version of Outlook, Twitter etc.

Microsoft released a dark theme for its Windows 10 a long time ago and now it is easy to set up a dark theme mode Windows 10 1809 for File Explorer.

Firstly the Dark theme was launched only with Insider preview (build 17666) and it can be used by everyone when next update will be released.


Enable dark theme Windows 10 – Dark Mode for File Explorer

In order to enable dark mode for File Explorer,

  • Go to – SettingsPersonalizationColors
  • Scroll down to right column to go to- More options area. Choose Dark from the option – “Choose your default app mode

It is done. Close the settings and launch the file explorer and you can see the changed look.

You can also make it look bit different by changing to – Accent Colors. From Color section, you can choose from a range of colours available.

In case you want Windows to choose it for you then just let the box – “Automatically pick an accent color for my background” remain checked.

In case you still are not happy with the default options for color, you can access the custom color which lets you choose from a plenty of colour options.

The same way goes for enabling Dark theme on Windows 10 except for 1809 or the above, the File Explorer will not change with the same.

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It is indeed the best way to get the combination of different colour scheme all through OS.

Still there is chance to make it even better. For instance, Apple carries out the dark theme on its macOS Mojave exceptionally well.

Just with the change in mode, you will find everything transforming to that particular mode and there is absolutely no need for configuration of apps separately.


The entire aesthetic look is amazing. Certainly this method is the right method and Microsoft will keep coming up with twists and modifications to it.

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