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Disable windows 10 update

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Disable windows 10 update
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If you are a Windows 10 user you are aware of the fact that Windows 10 is always in process of installing a number of updates and certainly they are not optional. It means they tend to install and download automatically. Of course this newly incorporated option is designed to offer bug fixes, take care of security issues and other necessary actions, but not all of us like this option isn’t? This article will help you learn the methods that will help you disable Windows 10 update from getting installed on the device you are using.

Local Group policy

Local group policy editor can be used by all users of Windows pro 10 to alter the system settings so that you do not get updates downloaded and installed on your system. Here how you can do it.

  • From your keyboard press – Windows key + R which will open run command
  • In the command box type – gpedit.msc and then click – OK which will open – group policy editor.
  • Navigate through the below mentioned path
  • Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update
  • Towards your right hand side just click on – Configure Automatic Updates
  • Check the option – disabled so that the specific policy is turned OFF.
  • Click – Apply
  • Click – Ok

disable windows updale using local group policy

After you finish the steps given above, you will see that Windows 10 automatically stops the download and installing of updates.

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Prevent automatic update using Registry

You can use Registry to prevent the automatic Windows 10 updates.

  • Press – Windows key + R from your keyboard and you will see the run command.
  • To open registry just type – regedit and then click- Ok
  • Browse the path – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
  • Right click the key – Windows folder and choose –New and simply click – Key

disable windows update using registry

  • Assign a name to the new key – Windows update and then hit enter
  • On the new key you created right click and choose- New and click- Key

disable windows update using registry1

  • The new key can be named as AU and hit – enter
  • On the new key right click and choose – New and then click on – DWORD (32-bit) Value.

disable windows update using registry2

  • Assign the name to the new key as NoAutoUpdate and then hit- enter.
  • on the new key- double click and modify its value – 0 to 1

disable windows update using registry3

  • click – Ok

Completing the above steps successfully will prevent your system from receiving automatic updates.

Well, the above steps can help you prevent getting automatic Windows 10 updates, but it is always recommended that the updates shouldn’t be prevented. These updates are quite important for your system and overall functioning of Windows 10 and thus you should not skip them. You data are secured and stay safe when these updates are running.

However, if you ever feel you that you want to skip it at any given point of time because you are working on an important task, you can just reschedule it at some other time instead of skipping it completely.

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