Edit Group Policy Windows 10

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Edit Group Policy Windows 10: The Group policy feature on Windows 10 allows users to manage their operating system better. It helps manage almost everything that the user can or cannot do using Windows PC which results in users to have restricted access on a local PC. For instance, if you want to edit group policy windows 10 you should be logged in as administrator on a particular computer.

Local Group Policy Editor

If you want to know about local group policy editor and how to edit group policy on Windows 10, then follow the article carefully.

1. Edit group policy windows 10 using Secpol

 If you are using Windows 10 Pro then you will find a smart tool called Secpol to edit and manage the Group policy security.

  • Left click the search dialog box which is located in Apps panel or also in sidebar– Everywhere.
  • Now type- secpol.msc in the search box (make sure you type the command correctly as given)
  • Now you will see secpol icon, just left click it
  • From the folder- Security settings you will see – Local Policies and you just need to double click it (local Policies)
  • Now from the categories you see just select one that you want to edit just by double clicking the particular category for instance – Security options.
  • To enable/disable group policies, simply double click the box besides policy underneath the tab- Security settings and select the option you need from here. For instance, Enable or Disable

Remember, secpol.msc works feature is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1 enterprise and Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 Pro. You will not find this feature in the standard version of Windows.

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2. Edit group policy windows 10 using Gepedit.msc

If you are using the standard version then you can edit the group policy windows 10 using Gepedit.msc by carrying out the steps given above and using Gepedit.msc in place of secpol.msc.

You will get to see 2 branches

  • Computer configuration
  • User configuration

Like if you wish to restrict others from accessing specific components of Windows then

  • Head to Administrative templates and then select the specific feature you wish to edit and then accordingly enable/disable access to the related feature.

Group policy editor is an excellent feature that helps you unlock different features for example Hibernation and block a few like notifications generated by Windows. Group policy is available with professional, education and enterprise versions of Windows and if you want to use it to get better control over your operating system then you need to upgrade Windows version to any of these.

Group policy editor also helps you get rid of notifications that you do not want to appear even after you have made the necessary changes or settings like asking you how you wish to open a certain file. If it appears for the first time you find it helpful but once you have chosen your favourite application to open the file, the second time if you get the same notification, it can be annoying. Group policy editor can help you get rid of repeated notifications on Windows.

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